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malloc (Pseudo Memory)
-con - Console based program (Euphoria To C Translator) Managing databases (Euphoria Database (EDS))
-debug - Debug mode (Euphoria To C Translator) Managing Records (Euphoria Database (EDS))
-dll / -so - Shared Library (Euphoria To C Translator) Managing tables (Euphoria Database (EDS))
-gcc, -wat (Euphoria To C Translator) MANDATORY (Command Line Handling)
-keep (Euphoria To C Translator) map (Map (hash table))
-lib - User defined library (Euphoria To C Translator) Map (hash table) (API Reference)
-makefile / -makefile-partial - Using makefiles (Euphoria To C Translator) mapping (Sequence Manipulation)
-p - Define a pre-processor (The User Defined Pre-Processor) Marchine Level Access Summary (Machine Level Access)
-pf - Force pre-processing (The User Defined Pre-Processor) Match (Regular Expressions)
-plat - Set platform (Euphoria To C Translator) match (Searching)
-rc-file - Resource File (Euphoria To C Translator) match_all (Searching)
-stack - Stack size (Euphoria To C Translator) match_any (Searching)
? (I/O) match_from (Searching)

match_replace (Searching)
A Quick Example (The User Defined Pre-Processor) matches (Regular Expressions)
A Small Example (Multitasking in Euphoria) Matching (Searching)
A trivial example (EuTEST - Unit Testing) Math (API Reference)
A type is expected here (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) Math Constants (API Reference)
abbreviate_path (File System) max (Math)
abort (Bundled Demos) MAX_ASCII (Pretty Printing)
abort (Bundled Demos) MAX_LINES (Pretty Printing)
abort (Bundled Demos) Maximum File Size (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
abort (Bundled Demos) MAXINT (Euphoria Internals)
abort (Bundled Demos) maybe_any_key (Console)
abort (Errors and Warnings) MB_ABORTRETRYIGNORE (Windows Message Box)
abort (Bundled Demos) MB_APPLMODAL (Windows Message Box)
abort (Bundled Demos) MB_DEFAULT_DESKTOP_ONLY (Windows Message Box)
abs (Math) MB_DEFBUTTON1 (Windows Message Box)
absolute_path (File System) MB_DEFBUTTON2 (Windows Message Box)
accept (Core Sockets) MB_DEFBUTTON3 (Windows Message Box)
Accessing C Structures (Platform Specific Issues) MB_DEFBUTTON4 (Windows Message Box)
Accessing C Variables (Platform Specific Issues) MB_HELP (Windows Message Box)
Accessing data (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) MB_ICONASTERISK (Windows Message Box)
Accessing Euphoria coded routines (Indirect Routine Calling) MB_ICONERROR (Windows Message Box)
Accessing Euphoria internals (Indirect Routine Calling) MB_ICONEXCLAMATION (Windows Message Box)
Accessor Constants (Pipe Input/Output) MB_ICONHAND (Windows Message Box)
Accumulation (Math) MB_ICONINFORMATION (Windows Message Box)
add (Date/Time) MB_ICONQUESTION (Windows Message Box)
ADD (Map (hash table)) MB_ICONSTOP (Windows Message Box)
ADD_APPEND (Sequence Manipulation) MB_ICONWARNING (Windows Message Box)
add_item (Sequence Manipulation) MB_OK (Windows Message Box)
ADD_PREPEND (Sequence Manipulation) MB_OKCANCEL (Windows Message Box)
ADD_SORT_DOWN (Sequence Manipulation) MB_RETRYCANCEL (Windows Message Box)
ADD_SORT_UP (Sequence Manipulation) MB_RIGHT (Windows Message Box)
Adding to sequences (Sequence Manipulation) MB_RTLREADING (Windows Message Box)
ADDR_TYPE (DNS) MB_YESNO (Windows Message Box)
ADDRESS_LENGTH (Machine Level Access) MB_YESNOCANCEL (Windows Message Box)
ADLER32 (Hashing Algorithms) MD5 (Hashing Algorithms)
Advanced Examples (The User Defined Pre-Processor) Measuring Performance (Performance Tips)
AF_APPLETALK (Core Sockets) median (Statistics)
AF_BTH (Core Sockets) mem_copy (Machine Level Access)
AF_INET (Core Sockets) mem_set (Machine Level Access)
AF_INET6 (Core Sockets) Memory Allocation (Machine Level Access)
AF_UNIX (Core Sockets) Memory Constants (API Reference)
AF_UNSPEC (Core Sockets) Memory Disposal (Machine Level Access)
After user input, left margin problem (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) Memory Manipulation (Machine Level Access)
all_copyrights (Euphoria Information) merge (Sorting)
all_matches (Regular Expressions) merge_sort (Bundled Demos)
allocate (Machine Level Access) Message translation functions (Locale Routines)
allocate_code (Machine Level Access) message_box (Windows Message Box)
allocate_data (Machine Level Access) Microsoft Windows Memory Protection Constants (Memory Constants)
allocate_pointer_array (Machine Level Access) Microsoft Windows Memory Protection Constants (Memory Constants)
allocate_protect (Machine Level Access) mid (Sequence Manipulation)
allocate_string (Machine Level Access) min (Math)
allocate_string_pointer_array (Machine Level Access) MIN_ASCII (Pretty Printing)
allocate_wstring (Machine Level Access) MINF (Math Constants)
Allocating and Writing to memory: (Machine Level Access) Mini-Guides
allow_break (Console) MININT (Euphoria Internals)
allsorts.ex (Bundled Demos) minsize (Sequence Manipulation)
ampm (Date/Time) MINUTE (Date/Time)
ANCHORED (Regular Expressions) MINUTES (Date/Time)
and_bits (Math) Miscellaneous (Operating System Helpers)
animal (Bundled Demos) MISSING_END (Euphoria Database (EDS))
animal.ex (Bundled Demos) mixture (Memory Constants)
Answer Types (Input Routines) mod (Math)
any_key (Console) mode (Statistics)
API Reference Modify the Tutorial Programs (Example Programs)
APPEND (Map (hash table)) Modifying the Registry (Installation)
append (Sequence Manipulation) money (Locale Routines)
append_lines (I/O) MONTH (Date/Time)
Application Definitions (Branching Statements) month_abbrs (Date/Time)
apply (Sequence Manipulation) month_names (Date/Time)
approx (Math) MONTHS (Date/Time)
arccos (Math) movavg (Statistics)
arccosh (Math) move_file (File System)
arcsin (Math) MSG_CONFIRM (Core Sockets)
arcsinh (Math) MSG_CTRUNC (Core Sockets)
arctan (Math) MSG_DONTROUTE (Core Sockets)
arctanh (Math) MSG_DONTWAIT (Core Sockets)
Arithmetic Operators (Definition) MSG_EOR (Core Sockets)
As a first programming language (Introduction) MSG_ERRQUEUE (Core Sockets)
As an extension to languages you already know (Introduction) MSG_FIN (Core Sockets)
AS_IS (File System) MSG_MORE (Core Sockets)
ASCENDING (Sorting) MSG_NOSIGNAL (Core Sockets)
ascii.ex (Bundled Demos) MSG_OOB (Core Sockets)
ascii_string (Types - Extended) MSG_PEEK (Core Sockets)
Assembly file (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool) MSG_PROXY (Core Sockets)
assert (Unit Testing Framework) MSG_RST (Core Sockets)
Assignment statement (Language Reference) MSG_SYN (Core Sockets)
Assignment with Operator (Assignment statement) MSG_TRUNC (Core Sockets)
Assignment with Operators (Performance Tips) MSG_TRYHARD (Core Sockets)
at (Stack) MSG_WAITALL (Core Sockets)
AT_EXPANSION (Command Line Handling) Multi-tasking (API Reference)
atan2 (Math) MULTILINE (Regular Expressions)
atom (Declarations) MULTIPART_FORM_DATA (HTTP Client)
atom (Types - Extended) MULTIPLE (Command Line Handling)
atom_to_float32 (Data type conversion) MULTIPLY (Map (hash table))
atom_to_float64 (Data type conversion) Multitasking in Euphoria (Mini-Guides)
Atoms and Sequences (Definition) my_dir (File System)
attr_to_colors (Console) mydata.ex (Bundled Demos)
AUTO_CALLOUT (Regular Expressions)
Automatic Resource Management (Machine Level Access) Namespace Feature (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
avedev (Statistics) NESTED_ALL (Searching)
average (Statistics) NESTED_ANY (Searching)
AVERAGE_BUCKET (Map (hash table)) NESTED_BACKWARD (Searching)

nested_get (Map (hash table))
Backend Instructions (Euphoria Internals) NESTED_INDEX (Searching)
Background (Unit Testing Framework) nested_put (Map (hash table))
BAD_FILE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) net/chat_client.ex (Bundled Demos)
BAD_RECNO (Euphoria Database (EDS)) net/chat_server.ex (Bundled Demos)
BAD_SEEK (Euphoria Database (EDS)) net/google_tts.ex (Bundled Demos)
Base 64 Encoding/Decoding (API Reference) net/httpd.ex (Bundled Demos)
Basic routines (Sequence Manipulation) net/pastey.ex (Bundled Demos)
Basics (Formal Syntax) net/sock_client.ex (Bundled Demos)
begins (Searching) net/sock_server.ex (Bundled Demos)
bench/sieve8k.ex (Bundled Demos) net/udp_client.ex (Bundled Demos)
Benchmark (Example Programs) net/udp_server.ex (Bundled Demos)
BGSET (Memory Constants) net/wget.ex (Bundled Demos)
BINARY_MODE (I/O) NETBSD (Operating System Helpers)
binary_search (Searching) new (Date/Time)
bind (Core Sockets) new (Stack)
Binder (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) new (Regular Expressions)
Binding and Shrouding (Mini-Guides) new (Syntax Coloring)
binop_ok (Sequence Manipulation) new (Map (hash table))
Bitmap handling (Graphics - Image Routines) New Documentation (Version 3.1 June 2007)
bits_to_int (Data type conversion) New Features (Version 2.4 Beta April 10, 2003)
Bitwise operations (Math) New Features (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
Bitwise operations vs Arithmetic (Performance Tips) New Features (Version 3.1 June 2007)
bk_color (Graphics - Cross Platform) New Features (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010)
BK_LEN (Sequence Manipulation) New Functionality (Version 4.0.2 April 5, 2011)
BK_PIECES (Sequence Manipulation) New Programs (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010)
BLACK (Bundled Demos) new_extra (Map (hash table))
BLACK (Memory Constants) new_from_kvpairs (Map (hash table))
BLINKING (Memory Constants) new_from_string (Map (hash table))
BLOCK_CURSOR (Console) new_time (Date/Time)
BLUE (Bundled Demos) NewDouble (Euphoria Internals)
BLUE (Memory Constants) NEWLINE_ANY (Regular Expressions)
BMP_INVALID_MODE (Memory Constants) NEWLINE_ANYCRLF (Regular Expressions)
BMP_OPEN_FAILED (Memory Constants) NEWLINE_CR (Regular Expressions)
BMP_SUCCESS (Memory Constants) NEWLINE_CRLF (Regular Expressions)
BMP_UNEXPECTED_EOF (Memory Constants) NEWLINE_LF (Regular Expressions)
BMP_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT (Memory Constants) news.ex (Bundled Demos)
boolean (Types - Extended) NewS1 (Euphoria Internals)
BRACKET_COLOR (Bundled Demos) NewString (Euphoria Internals)
Branching Statements (Language Reference) next_prime (Prime Numbers)
break (Formal Syntax) NO_AT_EXPANSION (Command Line Handling)
break statement (Flow control statements) NO_AUTO_CAPTURE (Regular Expressions)
breakup (Sequence Manipulation) NO_CASE (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_BLUE (Memory Constants) NO_CURSOR (Console)
BRIGHT_BLUE (Bundled Demos) NO_DATABASE (Euphoria Database (EDS))
BRIGHT_CYAN (Memory Constants) NO_HELP (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_CYAN (Bundled Demos) NO_HELP_ON_ERROR (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_GREEN (Bundled Demos) NO_PARAMETER (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_GREEN (Memory Constants) NO_ROUTINE_ID (Types - Extended)
BRIGHT_MAGENTA (Bundled Demos) NO_TABLE (Euphoria Database (EDS))
BRIGHT_MAGENTA (Memory Constants) NO_UTF8_CHECK (Regular Expressions)
BRIGHT_RED (Bundled Demos) NO_VALIDATION (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_RED (Memory Constants) NO_VALIDATION_AFTER_FIRST_EXTRA (Command Line Handling)
BRIGHT_WHITE (Memory Constants) Non-text Files (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
BRIGHT_WHITE (Bundled Demos) NORMAL_COLOR (Bundled Demos)
BROWN (Memory Constants) NORMAL_ORDER (Sorting)
BROWN (Bundled Demos) not_bits (Math)
BSR_ANYCRLF (Regular Expressions) NOTBOL (Regular Expressions)
BSR_UNICODE (Regular Expressions) Note (Bundled Demos)
Bug Fixes (Version 3.1 June 2007) Note (Bundled Demos)
Bug Fixes (Version 3.0.0 October 17, 2006) Note (Bundled Demos)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.4 April 4, 2012) Note: (Euphoria To C Translator)
Bug Fixes (Version 3.0.1 November 3, 2006) Note: (Euphoria To C Translator)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.5 October 19, 2012) NOTEMPTY (Regular Expressions)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010) NOTEOL (Regular Expressions)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.1 March 29, 2011) Notes (Bundled Demos)
Bug Fixes (Version 3.0.2 February 9, 2007) Notes (Pipe Input/Output)
Bug Fixes (Version 3.1.1 August 2007) Notes (Bundled Demos)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010) Notes: (Euphoria To C Translator)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.3 June 23, 2011) NOVALUE (Euphoria Internals)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 2 December 8, 2010) now (Date/Time)
Bug Fixes (Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005) now_gmt (Date/Time)
Bug Fixes (Version 2.4 Beta April 10, 2003) NS_C_ANY (DNS)
Bug Fixes (Version 2.5 March 8, 2005) NS_C_IN (DNS)
Bug Fixes (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) NS_KT_DH (DNS)
Bug Fixes (Version 4.0.2 April 5, 2011) NS_KT_DSA (DNS)
Build Type Constants (Euphoria Information) NS_KT_PRIVATE (DNS)
build_commandline (Command Line Handling) NS_KT_RSA (DNS)
build_list (Sequence Manipulation) NS_T_A (DNS)
Building sequences (Sequence Manipulation) NS_T_A6 (DNS)
Built-in Methods (API Reference) NS_T_AAAA (DNS)
builtins (Keyword Data) NS_T_MX (DNS)
Bundled Demos (Mini-Guides) NS_T_NS (DNS)
But, my favorite language is ... (Introduction) NS_T_PTR (DNS)
buzz.ex (Bundled Demos) NULL (Dynamic Linking to external code)
byte_range (I/O) NULLDEVICE (File System)
BYTES_PER_CHAR (Memory Constants) NUM_BUCKETS (Map (hash table))
BYTES_PER_SECTOR (File System) NUM_ENTRIES (Map (hash table))
bytes_to_int (Data type conversion) NUM_IN_USE (Map (hash table))

number (Locale Routines)
C Compilers Supported (Euphoria To C Translator) Number to a string? (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
C Source Code Changes (Version 3.0.1 November 3, 2006) number_array (Types - Extended)
C Source Code Changes (Version 3.0.2 February 9, 2007) NUMBER_OF_FREE_CLUSTERS (File System)
C Type Constants (Dynamic Linking to external code) Numeric Version Information (Euphoria Information)
C_ATOM (Bundled Demos)
C_ATOM (Bundled Demos) OBJ_ATOM (Types - Extended)
C_ATOM (Bundled Demos) OBJ_INTEGER (Types - Extended)
C_BOOL (Dynamic Linking to external code) OBJ_SEQUENCE (Types - Extended)
C_BOOL (Bundled Demos) OBJ_UNASSIGNED (Types - Extended)
C_BOOL (Bundled Demos) object (Declarations)
C_BOOL (Bundled Demos) object (Types - Extended)
C_BYTE (Dynamic Linking to external code) Object Constants (Euphoria Internals)
C_BYTE (Bundled Demos) Objects (Definition)
C_BYTE (Bundled Demos) OK (Core Sockets)
C_BYTE (Bundled Demos) On / Off options (Special Top-Level Statements)
C_CHAR (Dynamic Linking to external code) ONCE (Command Line Handling)
C_DOUBLE (Dynamic Linking to external code) Only 10 significant digits during printing (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
C_DWORD (Bundled Demos) Only first character in printf (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
C_DWORD (Bundled Demos) open (I/O)
C_DWORD (Dynamic Linking to external code) open_dll (Dynamic Linking to external code)
C_DWORD (Bundled Demos) OPENBSD (Operating System Helpers)
C_DWORDLONG (Dynamic Linking to external code) Opening/Closing (Pipe Input/Output)
C_FLOAT (Dynamic Linking to external code) Operating System Constants (Operating System Helpers)
c_func (Dynamic Linking to external code) Operating System Helpers (API Reference)
C_HANDLE (Dynamic Linking to external code) Operation codes for put (Map (hash table))
C_HANDLE (Bundled Demos) Operations on Sequences (Performance Tips)
C_HANDLE (Bundled Demos) Operations on Sequences (Definition)
C_HANDLE (Bundled Demos) OPT_CNT (Command Line Handling)
C_HFILE (Bundled Demos) OPT_IDX (Command Line Handling)
C_HFILE (Bundled Demos) OPT_REV (Command Line Handling)
C_HFILE (Bundled Demos) OPT_VAL (Command Line Handling)
C_HRESULT (Dynamic Linking to external code) Optimizations (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
C_HWND (Bundled Demos) optimize (Map (hash table))
C_HWND (Dynamic Linking to external code) Option Constants (Regular Expressions)
C_HWND (Bundled Demos) option_spec (Regular Expressions)
C_HWND (Bundled Demos) option_spec_to_string (Regular Expressions)
C_INT (Dynamic Linking to external code) option_switches (Command Line Handling)
C_LONG (Dynamic Linking to external code) OPTIONAL (Command Line Handling)
C_LPARAM (Bundled Demos) Options (Binding and Shrouding)
C_LPARAM (Bundled Demos) Options detail (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
C_LPARAM (Bundled Demos) Options: (Binding and Shrouding)
C_LPARAM (Dynamic Linking to external code) or_all (Math)
C_POINTER (Dynamic Linking to external code) or_bits (Math)
c_proc (Dynamic Linking to external code) OS X (Installation)
C_SHORT (Dynamic Linking to external code) OSX (Operating System Helpers)
C_SIZE_T (Dynamic Linking to external code) Other Operations on Sequences (Definition)
C_UBYTE (Dynamic Linking to external code) Other Optimizations (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
C_UCHAR (Dynamic Linking to external code) Others (The User Defined Pre-Processor)
C_UINT (Dynamic Linking to external code) Our Methodology: (Bundled Demos)
C_ULONG (Dynamic Linking to external code)
C_USHORT (Dynamic Linking to external code) pad_head (Sequence Manipulation)
C_WORD (Dynamic Linking to external code) pad_tail (Sequence Manipulation)
C_WORD (Bundled Demos) page_aligned_address (Machine Level Access)
C_WORD (Bundled Demos) PAGE_EXECUTE (Memory Constants)
C_WORD (Bundled Demos) PAGE_EXECUTE_READ (Memory Constants)
C_WPARAM (Bundled Demos) PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE (Memory Constants)
C_WPARAM (Dynamic Linking to external code) PAGE_EXECUTE_WRITECOPY (Memory Constants)
C_WPARAM (Bundled Demos) PAGE_NOACCESS (Memory Constants)
C_WPARAM (Bundled Demos) PAGE_NONE (Memory Constants)
calc_hash (Map (hash table)) PAGE_READ (Memory Constants)
calc_primes (Prime Numbers) PAGE_READ_EXECUTE (Memory Constants)
call (Machine Level Access) PAGE_READ_WRITE (Memory Constants)
call a procedure or function (Formal Syntax) PAGE_READ_WRITE_EXECUTE (Memory Constants)
Call-backs to your Euphoria routines (Platform Specific Issues) PAGE_READONLY (Memory Constants)
call_back (Dynamic Linking to external code) PAGE_READWRITE (Memory Constants)
call_func (Indirect Routine Calling) PAGE_SIZE (Machine Level Access)
call_proc (Indirect Routine Calling) PAGE_WRITE_COPY (Memory Constants)
Calling C Functions (Platform Specific Issues) PAGE_WRITE_EXECUTE_COPY (Memory Constants)
Calling Euphoria routines by id (Indirect routine calling) PAGE_WRITECOPY (Memory Constants)
Calling Euphoria's internals (Indirect routine calling) pairs (Map (hash table))
Calling Into Memory (Machine Level Access) PARENT (Pipe Input/Output)
callmach.ex (Bundled Demos) parse (URL handling)
canon2win (Locale Routines) parse (Date/Time)
canonical (Locale Routines) parse_commandline (Command Line Handling)
canonical_path (File System) parse_ip_address (Common Internet Routines)
case_flagset_type (File System) parse_querystring (URL handling)
CASELESS (Regular Expressions) parse_url (Common Internet Routines)
ceil (Math) Parser (Euphoria Internals)
central_moment (Statistics) Parsing (URL handling)
CGI Program Hangs / No Output (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) PARTIAL (Regular Expressions)
chance (Random Numbers) Past Authors (Euphoria Credits)
Changes (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010) patch (Sequence Manipulation)
Changing the shape of a sequence (Sequence Manipulation) PATH_BASENAME (File System)
char_test (Types - Extended) PATH_DIR (File System)
Character Strings and Individual Characters (Definition) PATH_DRIVEID (File System)
chdir (File System) PATH_FILEEXT (File System)
check_all_blocks (Machine Level Access) PATH_FILENAME (File System)
check_break (Console) pathinfo (File System)
check_calls (Machine Level Access) pathname (File System)
check_free_list (Euphoria Database (EDS)) PATHSEP (File System)
checksum (File System) PAUSE_MSG (Command Line Handling)
CHILD (Pipe Input/Output) pcre_copyright (Euphoria Information)
clear (Stack) peek (Machine Level Access)
clear (Map (hash table)) peek2s (Machine Level Access)
clear_directory (File System) peek2u (Machine Level Access)
clear_screen (Console) peek4s (Machine Level Access)
Client side only (Core Sockets) peek4u (Machine Level Access)
close (I/O) peek_end (Stack)
close (Core Sockets) peek_string (Machine Level Access)
close (Pipe Input/Output) peek_top (Stack)
cmd_parse (Command Line Handling) peek_wstring (Machine Level Access)
CMD_SWITCHES (Operating System Helpers) peeks (Machine Level Access)
color (Memory Constants) Performance Tips (Mini-Guides)
color.ex (Bundled Demos) PHI (Math Constants)
Colors (Memory Constants) PI (Math Constants)
colors_to_attr (Console) PID (Pipe Input/Output)
columnize (Sequence Manipulation) PINF (Math Constants)
combine (Sequence Manipulation) Pipe Input/Output (API Reference)
COMBINE_SORTED (Sequence Manipulation) pipes.ex (Bundled Demos)
COMBINE_UNSORTED (Sequence Manipulation) PISQR (Math Constants)
Command Line Handling (API Reference) pivot (Sequence Manipulation)
Command Line Options (The User Defined Pre-Processor) platform (Operating System Helpers)
Command line switches (Using Euphoria) Platform Definitions (Branching Statements)
Command Line Switches (EuDis - Disassembling Euphoria code) Platform Specific Issues (Mini-Guides)
Command Line Switches (EuDist - Distributing Programs) platform_locale (Locale Routines)
Command-Line Options (Euphoria To C Translator) platform_name (Euphoria Information)
command_line (Command Line Handling) poke (Machine Level Access)
COMMENT_COLOR (Bundled Demos) poke2 (Machine Level Access)
Comments (Definition) poke4 (Machine Level Access)
Common Internet Routines (API Reference) poke_string (Machine Level Access)
Common Problems (Euphoria To C Translator) poke_wstring (Machine Level Access)
Common Problems and Solutions (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) pop (Stack)
compare (Map (hash table)) Porting Activity (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
compare (Searching) position (Graphics - Cross Platform)
Comparison with earlier multitasking schemes (Multitasking in Euphoria) positive_int (Console)
Comparison with multithreading (Multitasking in Euphoria) posix_names (Locale Routines)
Compile Time and Match Time (Regular Expressions) Possible Breaking Changes (Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010)
Compiled Platform Information (Euphoria Information) Possible problems ... (Installation)
Complex with / without options (Special Top-Level Statements) Post Install (Installing Euphoria)
CONCAT (Map (hash table)) power (Math)
Concatenation of Sequences and Atoms - The '&' Operator (Definition) powof2 (Math)
Conclusions (Bundled Demos) Pre-process Details (The User Defined Pre-Processor)
Config File Locations (Set Up the Euphoria Configuration File (eu.cfg)) Precedence Chart (Definition)
Config File Notes (Set Up the Euphoria Configuration File (eu.cfg)) Predefined character sets (Types - Extended)
Configuration file format (Set Up the Euphoria Configuration File (eu.cfg)) prepend (Sequence Manipulation)
Configure Information (Euphoria Information) Press Enter (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
connect (Core Sockets) Pretty Printing (API Reference)
CONNECT_FREE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) PRETTY_DEFAULT (Pretty Printing)
CONNECT_LOCK (Euphoria Database (EDS)) pretty_print (Pretty Printing)
CONNECT_TABLES (Euphoria Database (EDS)) pretty_sprint (Pretty Printing)
CONNECTION (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Prime Numbers (API Reference)
Console (API Reference) prime_list (Prime Numbers)
Console window disappeared (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) print (I/O)
console_colors (Graphics - Cross Platform) printf (I/O)
Constants (Command Line Handling) procedures (Declarations)
Constants (File System) process (Pipe Input/Output)
Constants (I/O) process_lines (I/O)
Constants (Locale Routines) product (Math)
Constants (Dynamic Linking to external code) Products (Introduction)
Constants (Stack) Profiling (Debugging and Profiling)
Constants (DNS) Program has no errors, no output (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
Constants (Sorting) project (Sequence Manipulation)
Constants (Keyword Data) prompt_number (Console)
Constants (Sequence Manipulation) prompt_string (Console)
constants (Declarations) proper (Text Manipulation)
Constants (HTTP Client) Pseudo Memory (API Reference)
Constants (Unit Testing Framework) push (Stack)
Constants (Math Constants) PUT (Map (hash table))
continue (Formal Syntax) put (Map (hash table))
continue statement (Flow control statements) put_integer16 (I/O)
Contributors (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010) put_integer32 (I/O)
Contributors (Euphoria Credits) put_screen_char (Console)
Conventions used in the manual (Introduction) puts (I/O)
Converting Multiplies to Adds in a Loop (Performance Tips)
copy (Map (hash table)) QUARTPI (Math Constants)
copy_file (File System) queens.ex (Bundled Demos)
Copyright Information (Euphoria Information) Quick Overview (Euphoria Programming Language v4.0)
Core Sockets (API Reference) quick_sort (Bundled Demos)
CORRECT (File System) quote (Text Manipulation)
cos (Math)
cosh (Math) rad2deg (Math)
count (Statistics) RADIANS_TO_DEGREES (Math Constants)
COUNT_DIRS (File System) ram_space (Pseudo Memory)
COUNT_FILES (File System) rand (Random Numbers)
COUNT_SIZE (File System) rand_range (Random Numbers)
COUNT_TYPES (File System) Random Numbers (API Reference)
Coverage Command Line Switches (EuTEST - Unit Testing) range (Statistics)
Coverage Post-Processing (EuTEST - Unit Testing) raw_frequency (Statistics)
crash (Errors and Warnings) RD_INPLACE (Sequence Manipulation)
crash_file (Errors and Warnings) RD_PRESORTED (Sequence Manipulation)
crash_message (Errors and Warnings) RD_SORT (Sequence Manipulation)
crash_routine (Errors and Warnings) read (Pipe Input/Output)
create (Pipe Input/Output) Read / Write Ports? (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
create (Core Sockets) Read the Manual (Example Programs)
Create/Destroy (Regular Expressions) Read/Write Process (Pipe Input/Output)
create_directory (File System) Read/Write Routines (I/O)
create_file (File System) read_bitmap (Graphics - Image Routines)
Creating Euphoria programs (Using Euphoria) read_file (I/O)
Creating Objects (Euphoria Internals) read_lines (I/O)
Creole markup (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool) Reading from Memory (Machine Level Access)
Cross Platform Text Graphics (Console) Recalling Previous Strings (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
CS_Alphabetic (Types - Extended) receive (Core Sockets)
CS_Alphanumeric (Types - Extended) receive_from (Core Sockets)
CS_ASCII (Types - Extended) RED (Memory Constants)
CS_Boolean (Types - Extended) RED (Bundled Demos)
CS_Bytes (Types - Extended) Redefine my for-loop variable? (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
CS_Consonant (Types - Extended) regex (Regular Expressions)
CS_Control (Types - Extended) regexps.ex (Bundled Demos)
CS_Digit (Types - Extended) register_block (Machine Level Access)
CS_Displayable (Types - Extended) Regular Expressions (API Reference)
CS_FIRST (Types - Extended) rehash (Map (hash table))
CS_Graphic (Types - Extended) Relational Operators (Definition)
CS_Hexadecimal (Types - Extended) Release Notes
CS_Identifier (Types - Extended) remainder (Math)
CS_LAST (Types - Extended) remove (Map (hash table))
CS_Lowercase (Types - Extended) remove (Sequence Manipulation)
CS_Printable (Types - Extended) remove_all (Sequence Manipulation)
CS_Punctuation (Types - Extended) remove_directory (File System)
CS_SpecWord (Types - Extended) remove_dups (Sequence Manipulation)
CS_Uppercase (Types - Extended) remove_item (Sequence Manipulation)
CS_Vowel (Types - Extended) remove_subseq (Sequence Manipulation)
CS_Whitespace (Types - Extended) Removed (Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010)
csort.ex (Bundled Demos) Removed (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 2 December 8, 2010)
cstring (Types - Extended) rename_file (File System)
curdir (File System) repeat (Sequence Manipulation)
Current Authors (Euphoria Credits) repeat_pattern (Sequence Manipulation)
current_dir (File System) replace (Sequence Manipulation)
cursor (Console) Replacement (Regular Expressions)
Cursor Style Constants (Console) Reporting (Unit Testing Framework)
custom_sort (Sorting) Requirements (Introduction)
Cutting and Pasting (Ed - Euphoria Editor) reset (Syntax Coloring)
CYAN (Bundled Demos) retain_all (Sequence Manipulation)
CYAN (Memory Constants) retry (Formal Syntax)

retry statement (Flow control statements)
D_ALTNAME (File System) return statement (Declarations)
D_ATTRIBUTES (File System) return the result of a function (Formal Syntax)
D_DAY (File System) Return Value Constants (Windows Message Box)
D_HOUR (File System) reverse (Sequence Manipulation)
D_MINUTE (File System) rfind (Searching)
D_MONTH (File System) rmatch (Searching)
D_NAME (File System) rnd (Random Numbers)
D_SECOND (File System) rnd_1 (Random Numbers)
D_SIZE (File System) roll (Random Numbers)
D_YEAR (File System) rotate (Sequence Manipulation)
Data Execute Mode and Data Execute Protection (Machine Level Access) rotate_bits (Math)
Data type conversion (API Reference) ROTATE_LEFT (Sequence Manipulation)
Database connection options (Euphoria Database (EDS)) ROTATE_RIGHT (Sequence Manipulation)
date (Date/Time) round (Math)
DATE (Date/Time) Roundings and remainders (Math)
Date/Time (API Reference) Routine not declared (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
Date/Time type Accessors (Date/Time) Routine not declared, my file (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
datetime (Locale Routines) routine_id (Indirect Routine Calling)
datetime (Date/Time) Routines (Formal Syntax)
DAY (Date/Time) Routines (Text Manipulation)
day_abbrs (Date/Time) Routines (Base 64 Encoding/Decoding)
day_names (Date/Time) Routines (Utilities)
DAYS (Date/Time) Routines (Syntax Coloring)
days_in_month (Date/Time) Routines (Multi-tasking)
days_in_year (Date/Time) Routines (Date/Time)
DB_BAD_NAME (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Input Routines)
db_cache_clear (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Dynamic Linking to external code)
db_clear_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
db_close (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Data type conversion)
db_compress (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Statistics)
db_connect (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Map (hash table))
db_create (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Euphoria Database (EDS))
db_create_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Stack)
db_current (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Memory Constants)
db_current_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Prime Numbers)
db_delete_record (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Hashing Algorithms)
db_delete_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Errors and Warnings)
db_dump (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Wildcard Matching)
DB_EXISTS_ALREADY (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Pretty Printing)
DB_FATAL_FAIL (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Sorting)
db_fatal_id (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Serialization of Euphoria Objects)
db_fetch_record (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Windows Message Box)
db_find_key (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Graphics - Cross Platform)
db_get_errors (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Flags)
db_get_recid (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Routines (Command Line Handling)
db_insert (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Run the Demo Programs (Example Programs)
DB_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Run the Tutorial Programs (Example Programs)
DB_LOCK_FAIL (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Running a Program (Creating Euphoria programs)
DB_LOCK_NO (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Running under Windows (Creating Euphoria programs)
DB_LOCK_READ_ONLY (Euphoria Database (EDS))
DB_LOCK_SHARED (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Safe Mode (Machine Level Access)
DB_OK (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Safe Mode Summary (Machine Level Access)
db_open (Euphoria Database (EDS)) safe_address (Machine Level Access)
DB_OPEN_FAIL (Euphoria Database (EDS)) sample (Random Numbers)
db_record_data (Euphoria Database (EDS)) sanity (Bundled Demos)
db_record_key (Euphoria Database (EDS)) sanity.ex (Bundled Demos)
db_record_recid (Euphoria Database (EDS)) save_bitmap (Graphics - Image Routines)
db_rename_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) save_map (Map (hash table))
db_replace_data (Euphoria Database (EDS)) save_text_image (Console)
db_replace_recid (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Saving Results in Variables (Performance Tips)
db_select (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Scalability (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
db_select_table (Euphoria Database (EDS)) SCM_TIMESTAMP (Core Sockets)
db_set_caching (Euphoria Database (EDS)) SCM_TIMESTAMPING (Core Sockets)
db_table_list (Euphoria Database (EDS)) SCM_TIMESTAMPNS (Core Sockets)
db_table_size (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Scope (Declarations)
DBL_PTR (Euphoria Internals) SCREEN (I/O)
Debugging (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) scroll (Graphics - Cross Platform)
Debugging (Debugging and Profiling) SD_BOTH (Core Sockets)
Debugging and Profiling (Mini-Guides) SD_RECEIVE (Core Sockets)
decanonical (Locale Routines) SD_SEND (Core Sockets)
Declarations (Language Reference) search.ex (Bundled Demos)
declare a constant (Formal Syntax) Searching (API Reference)
declare a function (Formal Syntax) Searching (Performance Tips)
declare a procedure (Formal Syntax) SECOND (Date/Time)
declare a user defined type (Formal Syntax) SECONDS (Date/Time)
declare a variable (Formal Syntax) SECTORS_PER_CLUSTER (File System)
declare an enumerated value (Formal Syntax) Security / Multi-user Access (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
decode (Base 64 Encoding/Decoding) seek (I/O)
decode (URL handling) select (Core Sockets)
DEFAULT (Regular Expressions) Select Accessor Constants (Core Sockets)
default namespace (Formal Syntax) SELECT_IS_ERROR (Core Sockets)
defaulted_value (Input Routines) SELECT_IS_READABLE (Core Sockets)
defaultext (File System) SELECT_IS_WRITABLE (Core Sockets)
define_c_func (Dynamic Linking to external code) SELECT_SOCKET (Core Sockets)
define_c_proc (Dynamic Linking to external code) send (Core Sockets)
define_c_var (Dynamic Linking to external code) Send Flags (Core Sockets)
Defining the scope of an identifier (Declarations) send_to (Core Sockets)
Definition (Language Reference) SEQ_NOALT (Sequence Manipulation)
deg2rad (Math) SEQ_PTR (Euphoria Internals)
DEGREES_TO_RADIANS (Math Constants) sequence (Declarations)
delete (Machine Level Access) sequence (Types - Extended)
delete_file (File System) Sequence Manipulation (API Reference)
delete_routine (Machine Level Access) Sequence Manipulation (Performance Tips)
Demo Programs (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) Sequence Slice (Formal Syntax)
dep.exw (Bundled Demos) Sequence-Formation (Definition)
Deprecation (Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010) sequence_array (Types - Extended)
Deprecation (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 2 December 8, 2010) Serialization of Euphoria Objects (API Reference)
dequote (Text Manipulation) serialize (Serialization of Euphoria Objects)
DESCENDING (Sorting) series (Sequence Manipulation)
Description (Euphoria Internals) Server and Client sides (Core Sockets)
deserialize (Serialization of Euphoria Objects) Server side only (Core Sockets)
DFA_RESTART (Regular Expressions) service_by_name (Core Sockets)
DFA_SHORTEST (Regular Expressions) service_by_port (Core Sockets)
diff (Date/Time) set (Stack)
dir (File System) set (Locale Routines)
dir_size (File System) Set Up the Euphoria Configuration File (eu.cfg) (Installing Euphoria)
Directives (Formal Syntax) set_accumulate_summary (Unit Testing Framework)
Directory Handling (File System) set_charsets (Types - Extended)
dirname (File System) set_colors (Syntax Coloring)
Disclaimer (Introduction) set_decimal_mark (Data type conversion)
Disclaimer (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) set_def_lang (Locale Routines)
Disclaimer: (Euphoria To C Translator) set_default_charsets (Types - Extended)
DISCONNECT (Euphoria Database (EDS)) set_encoding_properties (Text Manipulation)
Discover Euphoria (Introduction) set_keycodes (Console)
disk_metrics (File System) set_lang_path (Locale Routines)
disk_size (File System) set_option (Core Sockets)
display (Console) set_rand (Random Numbers)
DISPLAY_ASCII (Pretty Printing) set_test_abort (Unit Testing Framework)
display_text_image (Console) set_test_verbosity (Unit Testing Framework)
Distributing a Program (Using Euphoria) set_wait_on_summary (Unit Testing Framework)
DIVIDE (Map (hash table)) setenv (Operating System Helpers)
DLL/Shared Library Interface (The User Defined Pre-Processor) Setup Routines (Unit Testing Framework)
DNS (API Reference) SHA256 (Hashing Algorithms)
DNS_QUERY_BYPASS_CACHE (DNS) shift_bits (Math)
DNS_QUERY_DONT_RESET_TTL_VALUES (DNS) Short-Circuit Evaluation (Language Reference)
DNS_QUERY_NO_HOSTS_FILE (DNS) show_help (Command Line Handling)
DNS_QUERY_NO_NETBT (DNS) show_tokens (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
DNS_QUERY_NO_RECURSION (DNS) shuffle (Sequence Manipulation)
DNS_QUERY_NO_WIRE_QUERY (DNS) shutdown (Core Sockets)
DNS_QUERY_RESERVED (DNS) Shutdown Options (Core Sockets)
DNS_QUERY_STANDARD (DNS) Sign and comparisons (Math)
DNS_QUERY_TREAT_AS_FQDN (DNS) sim_index (Sequence Manipulation)
Documentation (Version 2.5 March 8, 2005) size (Stack)
Documentation (Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005) size (Map (hash table))
Documentation software (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool) skewness (Statistics)
Documentation tags (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool) SLASH (File System)
DOLLAR_ENDONLY (Regular Expressions) SLASHES (File System)
DOS (Installation) sleep (Operating System Helpers)
DOS/Windows Installation Program (Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005) slice (Sequence Manipulation)
DOS_TEXT (I/O) Slicing of Sequences (Definition)
DOTALL (Regular Expressions) SM_RAW (Map (hash table))
driveid (File System) SM_TEXT (Map (hash table))
dump (Serialization of Euphoria Objects) small (Statistics)
dup (Stack) smaller_of (Math)
DUP_TABLE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) smallest (Statistics)
DUPNAMES (Regular Expressions) SMALLEST_BUCKET (Map (hash table))
Dynamic Link Libraries (Euphoria To C Translator) SMALLMAP (Map (hash table))
Dynamic Linking to external code (API Reference) SND_ASTERISK (Windows Sound)

SND_DEFAULT (Windows Sound)
E (Math Constants) SND_EXCLAMATION (Windows Sound)
E_ATOM (Dynamic Linking to external code) SND_QUESTION (Windows Sound)
E_INTEGER (Dynamic Linking to external code) SND_STOP (Windows Sound)
E_OBJECT (Dynamic Linking to external code) SO_ACCEPTCONN (Core Sockets)
E_SEQUENCE (Dynamic Linking to external code) SO_ATTACH_FILTER (Core Sockets)
EAF_BTH (Core Sockets) SO_BROADCAST (Core Sockets)
EAF_INET (Core Sockets) SO_BSDCOMPAT (Core Sockets)
EAF_INET6 (Core Sockets) SO_CONNDATA (Core Sockets)
EAF_UNIX (Core Sockets) SO_CONNDATALEN (Core Sockets)
EAF_UNSPEC (Core Sockets) SO_CONNOPT (Core Sockets)
Ed - Euphoria Editor (Included Tools) SO_CONNOPTLEN (Core Sockets)
edges_only (Machine Level Access) SO_DEBUG (Core Sockets)
Edit Sample Files (Example Programs) SO_DETACH_FILTER (Core Sockets)
Editing a Program (Using Euphoria) SO_DISCDATA (Core Sockets)
EDS API (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) SO_DISCDATALEN (Core Sockets)
emovavg (Statistics) SO_DISCOPT (Core Sockets)
encode (URL handling) SO_DISCOPTLEN (Core Sockets)
encode (Base 64 Encoding/Decoding) SO_DOMAIN (Core Sockets)
ends (Searching) SO_ERROR (Core Sockets)
Enhanced Features (Version 3.0.0 October 17, 2006) SO_KEEPALIVE (Core Sockets)
Enhanced Features (Version 2.5 March 8, 2005) SO_LINGER (Core Sockets)
Enhanced Features (Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005) SO_MARK (Core Sockets)
Enhancements (Version 4.0.3 June 23, 2011) SO_MAXDG (Core Sockets)
Enhancements (Version 4.0.1 March 29, 2011) SO_MAXPATHDG (Core Sockets)
Enhancements (Version 4.0.4 April 4, 2012) SO_NO_CHECK (Core Sockets)
Enhancements (Version 4.0.5 October 19, 2012) SO_OOBINLINE (Core Sockets)
Enhancements/Changes (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 2 December 8, 2010) SO_OPENTYPE (Core Sockets)
Enhancements/Changes (Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010) SO_PASSCRED (Core Sockets)
ensure_in_list (Math) SO_PASSSEC (Core Sockets)
ensure_in_range (Math) SO_PEERCRED (Core Sockets)
enum (Declarations) SO_PEERNAME (Core Sockets)
Environment. (Operating System Helpers) SO_PEERSEC (Core Sockets)
EOF (I/O) SO_PRIORITY (Core Sockets)
EOL (File System) SO_PROTOCOL (Core Sockets)
EOLSEP (File System) SO_RCVBUF (Core Sockets)
eprint.ex (Bundled Demos) SO_RCVBUFFORCE (Core Sockets)
equal (Searching) SO_RCVLOWAT (Core Sockets)
Equality (Searching) SO_RCVTIMEO (Core Sockets)
ERR_ACCESS (Core Sockets) SO_REUSEADDR (Core Sockets)
ERR_ADDRINUSE (Core Sockets) SO_REUSEPORT (Core Sockets)
ERR_ADDRNOTAVAIL (Core Sockets) SO_RXQ_OVFL (Core Sockets)
ERR_CLOSE_CHAR (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_SNDBUF (Core Sockets)
ERR_CONNREFUSED (Core Sockets) SO_SNDTIMEO (Core Sockets)
ERR_DECIMAL (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_SYNCHRONOUS_NONALERT (Core Sockets)
ERR_DESTADDRREQ (Core Sockets) SO_TIMESTAMP (Core Sockets)
ERR_EOF (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_TIMESTAMPING (Core Sockets)
ERR_EOF_STRING (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_TIMESTAMPNS (Core Sockets)
ERR_EOL_CHAR (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_TYPE (Core Sockets)
ERR_EOL_STRING (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SO_USELOOPBACK (Core Sockets)
ERR_ESCAPE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SOCK_DGRAM (Core Sockets)
ERR_FAULT (Core Sockets) SOCK_RAW (Core Sockets)
ERR_HEX (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SOCK_RDM (Core Sockets)
ERR_HEX_STRING (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SOCK_SEQPACKET (Core Sockets)
ERR_HOSTUNREACH (Core Sockets) socket (Core Sockets)
ERR_INPROGRESS (Core Sockets) Socket Backend Constants (Core Sockets)
ERR_INTR (Core Sockets) Socket Options (Core Sockets)
ERR_INVAL (Core Sockets) Socket Options In Common (Core Sockets)
ERR_INVALID_DATA (HTTP Client) Socket Type Constants (Core Sockets)
ERR_INVALID_DATA_ENCODING (HTTP Client) Socket Type Euphoria Constants (Core Sockets)
ERR_IO (Core Sockets) SOCKET_SOCKET (Core Sockets)
ERR_ISCONN (Core Sockets) SOL_SOCKET (Core Sockets)
ERR_ISDIR (Core Sockets) Some Further Notes on Time Profiling (Debugging and Profiling)
ERR_LOOP (Core Sockets) Some Special Case Optimizations (Performance Tips)
ERR_MALFORMED_URL (HTTP Client) sort (Sorting)
ERR_MFILE (Core Sockets) sort_columns (Sorting)
ERR_MSGSIZE (Core Sockets) sorted (Bundled Demos)
ERR_NAMETOOLONG (Core Sockets) Sorting (API Reference)
ERR_NETDOWN (Core Sockets) Sorting (Example Programs)
ERR_NETRESET (Core Sockets) Sorting (Performance Tips)
ERR_NETUNREACH (Core Sockets) sound (Windows Sound)
ERR_NFILE (Core Sockets) Source Code (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
ERR_NOBUFS (Core Sockets) Source Code (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
ERR_NOENT (Core Sockets) Source documentation (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool)
ERR_NONE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) Special Keys (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
ERR_NOTCONN (Core Sockets) Special Top-Level Statements (Language Reference)
ERR_NOTDIR (Core Sockets) Specifying the type of a variable (Declarations)
ERR_NOTINITIALISED (Core Sockets) splice (Sequence Manipulation)
ERR_NOTSOCK (Core Sockets) split (Sequence Manipulation)
ERR_OPEN (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) split (Regular Expressions)
ERR_OPNOTSUPP (Core Sockets) split_any (Sequence Manipulation)
ERR_PROTONOSUPPORT (Core Sockets) split_limit (Regular Expressions)
ERR_PROTOTYPE (Core Sockets) split_path (File System)
ERR_RECEIVE_FAILED (HTTP Client) Splitting (Regular Expressions)
ERR_ROFS (Core Sockets) sprint (Text Manipulation)
ERR_SEND_FAILED (HTTP Client) sprintf (Text Manipulation)
ERR_SHUTDOWN (Core Sockets) sqrt (Math)
ERR_SOCKTNOSUPPORT (Core Sockets) SQRT2 (Math Constants)
ERR_TIMEDOUT (Core Sockets) SQRT3 (Math Constants)
ERR_UNKNOWN (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) SQRT5 (Math Constants)
ERR_WOULDBLOCK (Core Sockets) SQRTE (Math Constants)
Error Code Constants (Euphoria Database (EDS)) ST_ALLNUM (Statistics)
Error Code Constants (Memory Constants) ST_FULLPOP (Statistics)
Error Codes (HTTP Client) ST_IGNSTR (Statistics)
Error Constants (Regular Expressions) ST_SAMPLE (Statistics)
Error Information (Core Sockets) ST_ZEROSTR (Statistics)
Error Status Constants (Input Routines) stack (Stack)
Error Status Constants (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Stack (API Reference)
ERROR_BADCOUNT (Regular Expressions) Stack types (Stack)
ERROR_BADMAGIC (Regular Expressions) Standard Library Memory Protection Constants (Memory Constants)
ERROR_BADNEWLINE (Regular Expressions) Standard Library Memory Protection Constants (Memory Constants)
ERROR_BADOPTION (Regular Expressions) START_COLUMN (Pretty Printing)
ERROR_BADPARTIAL (Regular Expressions) start_time (Euphoria Information)
ERROR_BADUTF8 (Regular Expressions) Statements (Formal Syntax)
ERROR_BADUTF8_OFFSET (Regular Expressions) Statistics (API Reference)
ERROR_CALLOUT (Regular Expressions) statistics (Map (hash table))
error_code (Core Sockets) std_library_address (Machine Level Access)
ERROR_DFA_RECURSE (Regular Expressions) STDERR (Pipe Input/Output)
ERROR_DFA_UCOND (Regular Expressions) STDERR (I/O)
ERROR_DFA_UITEM (Regular Expressions) stdev (Statistics)
ERROR_DFA_UMLIMIT (Regular Expressions) STDEV_BUCKET (Map (hash table))
ERROR_DFA_WSSIZE (Regular Expressions) STDFLTR_ALPHA (Sequence Manipulation)
ERROR_INTERNAL (Regular Expressions) STDIN (Pipe Input/Output)
ERROR_MATCHLIMIT (Regular Expressions) STDIN (I/O)
error_message (Regular Expressions) STDOUT (Pipe Input/Output)
error_names (Regular Expressions) STDOUT (I/O)
error_no (Pipe Input/Output) store (Sequence Manipulation)
ERROR_NOMATCH (Regular Expressions) string (Types - Extended)
ERROR_NOMEMORY (Regular Expressions) String to a number? (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
ERROR_NOSUBSTRING (Regular Expressions) String Version Information (Euphoria Information)
ERROR_NULL (Regular Expressions) STRING_COLOR (Bundled Demos)
ERROR_NULLWSLIMIT (Regular Expressions) string_numbers (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
ERROR_PARTIAL (Regular Expressions) STRING_OFFSETS (Regular Expressions)
ERROR_RECURSIONLIMIT (Regular Expressions) Structure of an EDS database (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
error_string (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) Style Constants (Windows Message Box)
error_to_string (Regular Expressions) Subscripting of Sequences (Definition)
ERROR_UNKNOWN_NODE (Regular Expressions) subtract (Date/Time)
ERROR_UNKNOWN_OPCODE (Regular Expressions) SUBTRACT (Map (hash table))
Errors and Warnings (API Reference) sum (Math)
escape (Regular Expressions) sum (Statistics)
escape (Text Manipulation) sum_central_moments (Statistics)
Escape Commands (Ed - Euphoria Editor) Summary (Multitasking in Euphoria)
Escaped Characters (Definition) Summary (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
ESOCK_DGRAM (Core Sockets) Support Functions (Types - Extended)
ESOCK_RAW (Core Sockets) swap (Stack)
ESOCK_RDM (Core Sockets) switch (Formal Syntax)
ESOCK_SEQPACKET (Core Sockets) switch statement (Branching Statements)
ESOCK_STREAM (Core Sockets) Synopsis (Binding and Shrouding)
ESOCK_TYPE_AF (Core Sockets) Synopsis for creating report from the log (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
ESOCK_TYPE_OPTION (Core Sockets) Synopsis for running the tests (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
ESOCK_TYPE_TYPE (Core Sockets) Synopsis: (Binding and Shrouding)
ESOCK_UNDEFINED_VALUE (Core Sockets) Syntax Coloring (API Reference)
ESOCK_UNKNOWN_FLAG (Core Sockets) SyntaxColor (Syntax Coloring)
ET error codes (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) system (Operating System Helpers)
ET_ERR_COLUMN (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) system_exec (Operating System Helpers)
ET_ERR_LINE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
ET_ERROR (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) t_alnum (Types - Extended)
ET_TOKENS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) t_alpha (Types - Extended)
EuDis - Disassembling Euphoria code (Included Tools) t_ascii (Types - Extended)
EuDist - Distributing Programs (Included Tools) t_boolean (Types - Extended)
EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool (Included Tools) t_bytearray (Types - Extended)
EULER_GAMMA (Math Constants) T_CHAR (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria Credits (Euphoria Programming Language v4.0) t_cntrl (Types - Extended)
Euphoria Database (EDS) (API Reference) T_COLON (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria Database System (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) T_COMMA (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria Database System (EDS) (Mini-Guides) T_COMMENT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria delivers the expected features of a modern language (Introduction) T_CONCAT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria has qualities that go beyond the elegance of sequences (Introduction) T_CONCATEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria Information (API Reference) t_consonant (Types - Extended)
Euphoria Internals (Formal Syntax) T_DELIMITER (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria is unique (Introduction) t_digit (Types - Extended)
Euphoria Programming Language v4.0 t_display (Types - Extended)
Euphoria Source Tokenizer (API Reference) T_DIVIDE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria To C Translator (Mini-Guides) T_DIVIDEEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Alpha September 6, 2000 (Release Notes) T_DOLLAR (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Alpha-2 October 26, 2000 (Release Notes) T_DOUBLE_OPS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Alpha-3 November 27, 2000 (Release Notes) T_EOF (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Alpha-3 November 27, 2000 (Release Notes) T_EQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Beta-1 February 15, 2001 (Release Notes) t_graph (Types - Extended)
Euphoria to C Translator Beta-2 May 8, 2001 (Release Notes) T_GT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria to C Translator Official June 5, 2001 (Release Notes) T_GTEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide (Mini-Guides) t_identifier (Types - Extended)
Euphoria Version Definitions (Branching Statements) T_IDENTIFIER (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
euphoria_copyright (Euphoria Information) T_KEYWORD (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
eused.ex (Bundled Demos) T_LBRACE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EuTEST - Unit Testing (Included Tools) T_LBRACKET (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Example (Bundled Demos) t_lower (Types - Extended)
Example (Bundled Demos) T_LPAREN (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Example Programs (Using Euphoria) T_LT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
exec (Pipe Input/Output) T_LTEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Executable Memory (Machine Level Access) T_MINUS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Executable name changes (What's new in 4.0?) T_MINUSEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Executable Size and Compression (Euphoria To C Translator) T_MULTIPLY (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
exit (Formal Syntax) T_MULTIPLYEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
exit statement (Flow control statements) T_NEWLINE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
exp (Math) T_NOT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Expected to see... (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) T_NOTEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Expressions (Definition) T_NULL (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXT_COUNT (File System) T_NUMBER (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXT_NAME (File System) T_NUMBER formats and T_types (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXT_SIZE (File System) T_PERIOD (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXTENDED (Regular Expressions) T_PLUS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
External Euphoria Type Constants (Dynamic Linking to external code) T_PLUSEQ (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXTRA (Regular Expressions) t_print (Types - Extended)
extract (Sequence Manipulation) t_punct (Types - Extended)
Extracting, removing, replacing from/into a sequence (Sequence Manipulation) T_QPRINT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
EXTRAS (Command Line Handling) T_RBRACE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)

T_RBRACKET (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
fallthru (Formal Syntax) T_RPAREN (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
FALSE (Types - Extended) T_SHBANG (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
fetch (Sequence Manipulation) T_SINGLE_OPS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
FGSET (Memory Constants) T_SLICE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
fib (Math) t_space (Types - Extended)
FIFO (Stack) t_specword (Types - Extended)
File Handling (File System) T_STRING (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
File name parsing (File System) t_text (Types - Extended)
File Reading/Writing (I/O) t_upper (Types - Extended)
File System (API Reference) t_vowel (Types - Extended)
File Types (File System) t_xdigit (Types - Extended)
file_exists (File System) tail (Sequence Manipulation)
file_length (File System) Taking Advantage of Cache Memory (Performance Tips)
file_number (I/O) tan (Math)
file_position (I/O) tanh (Math)
file_timestamp (File System) task_clock_start (Multi-tasking)
file_type (File System) task_clock_stop (Multi-tasking)
filebase (File System) task_create (Multi-tasking)
fileext (File System) task_delay (Multi-tasking)
filename (File System) task_list (Multi-tasking)
FILETYPE_DIRECTORY (File System) task_schedule (Multi-tasking)
FILETYPE_FILE (File System) task_self (Multi-tasking)
FILETYPE_NOT_FOUND (File System) task_status (Multi-tasking)
FILETYPE_UNDEFINED (File System) task_suspend (Multi-tasking)
FILO (Stack) task_yield (Multi-tasking)
filter (Sequence Manipulation) TDATA (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
find (Regular Expressions) temp_file (File System)
find (Searching) Test Coverage (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
find_all (Searching) test_equal (Unit Testing Framework)
find_all (Regular Expressions) test_fail (Unit Testing Framework)
find_all_but (Searching) test_false (Unit Testing Framework)
find_any (Searching) test_not_equal (Unit Testing Framework)
find_each (Searching) test_pass (Unit Testing Framework)
find_from (Searching) TEST_QUIET (Unit Testing Framework)
find_nested (Searching) test_report (Unit Testing Framework)
find_replace (Searching) TEST_SHOW_ALL (Unit Testing Framework)
find_replace (Regular Expressions) TEST_SHOW_FAILED_ONLY (Unit Testing Framework)
find_replace_callback (Regular Expressions) test_true (Unit Testing Framework)
find_replace_limit (Regular Expressions) Tests (Unit Testing Framework)
Finding (Searching) Text Manipulation (API Reference)
Finish datesub.ex (The User Defined Pre-Processor) text_color (Graphics - Cross Platform)
FIRSTLINE (Regular Expressions) TEXT_MODE (I/O)
Flags (API Reference) text_rows (Console)
flags_to_string (Flags) TF_ATOM (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
flatten (Sequence Manipulation) TF_COMMENT_MULTIPLE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
FLETCHER32 (Hashing Algorithms) TF_COMMENT_SINGLE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
float32_to_atom (Data type conversion) TF_HEX (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
float64_to_atom (Data type conversion) TF_INT (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Floating-point calculations not exact (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide) TF_STRING_BACKTICK (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
floor (Math) TF_STRING_HEX (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Flow Control (Formal Syntax) TF_STRING_SINGLE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Flow control statements (Language Reference) TF_STRING_TRIPLE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
flush (I/O) TFORM (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
for (Formal Syntax) The Bind Command (Binding and Shrouding)
for statement (Loop statements) The C Representation of a Euphoria Object (Euphoria Internals)
for_each (Map (hash table)) The C Representations of a Euphoria Sequence and a Euphoria Atom (Euphoria Internals)
FORM_URLENCODED (HTTP Client) The complete set of resolution rules (Declarations)
Formal Syntax The current database. (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
Formal Syntax (Formal Syntax) The current table. (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
format (Date/Time) The Discontinued DOS32 Platform (Platform Specific Issues)
format (Text Manipulation) The Error Control Files (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
FP_FORMAT (Pretty Printing) The Euphoria Data Structures (Euphoria Internals)
frac (Math) The Euphoria Object Macros and Functions (Euphoria Internals)
free (Machine Level Access) The Euphoria representation of a Euphoria Object (Euphoria Internals)
free (Pseudo Memory) The eutest Program (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
FREE_BYTES (File System) The override qualifier (Declarations)
free_code (Machine Level Access) The Results (Bundled Demos)
free_console (Console) The Shroud Command (Binding and Shrouding)
free_pointer_array (Machine Level Access) The Trace File (Debugging and Profiling)
FREEBSD (Operating System Helpers) The Trace Screen (Debugging and Profiling)
Frequently Asked Questions (Euphoria To C Translator) The Unit Test Files (EuTEST - Unit Testing)
from_date (Date/Time) The Unix Platforms (Platform Specific Issues)
from_unix (Date/Time) The User Defined Pre-Processor (Mini-Guides)
functions (Declarations) The visibility of public and export identifiers (Declarations)
Further notes (Command line switches) The WINDOWS Platform (Platform Specific Issues)

The with / without trace directive (Debugging and Profiling)
General behavior (EuTEST - Unit Testing) threshold (Map (hash table))
General Changes (What's new in 4.0?) time (Date/Time)
General Notes (Multi-tasking) Time/Number Translation (Locale Routines)
General Routines (DNS) Timing Information (Euphoria Information)
General Tips (Performance Tips) TLNUM (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
General Use (Regular Expressions) TLPOS (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
Generic documentation (EuDOC - Source Documentation Tool) to_integer (Data type conversion)
geomean (Statistics) TO_LOWER (File System)
get (Locale Routines) to_number (Data type conversion)
get (Map (hash table)) TO_SHORT (File System)
get (Input Routines) to_string (Data type conversion)
Get/Post Routines (HTTP Client) to_unix (Date/Time)
get/set options (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) token_forms (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
get_bytes (I/O) token_names (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
get_charsets (Types - Extended) tokenize return sequence key (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
get_def_lang (Locale Routines) tokenize_file (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
get_dstring (I/O) tokenize_string (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
get_encoding_properties (Text Manipulation) Tokens (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
GET_EOF (Input Routines) Tool Additions / Enhancements (What's new in 4.0?)
GET_FAIL (Input Routines) top (Stack)
get_integer16 (I/O) TOTAL_BYTES (File System)
get_integer32 (I/O) TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_CLUSTERS (File System)
get_key (Console) Trace a Demo (Example Programs)
get_lang_path (Locale Routines) Trace/Debug (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
GET_LONG_ANSWER (Input Routines) transform (Sequence Manipulation)
GET_NOTHING (Input Routines) translate (Locale Routines)
get_option (Core Sockets) Translator (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003)
get_ovector_size (Regular Expressions) transmute (Sequence Manipulation)
get_pid (Operating System Helpers) tree.ex (Bundled Demos)
get_position (Graphics - Cross Platform) Trigonometry (Math)
get_rand (Random Numbers) trim (Text Manipulation)
get_screen_char (Console) trim_head (Text Manipulation)
GET_SHORT_ANSWER (Input Routines) trim_tail (Text Manipulation)
GET_SUCCESS (Input Routines) trsprintf (Locale Routines)
get_text (Locale Routines) TRUE (Types - Extended)
getc (I/O) true_bgcolor (Memory Constants)
getenv (Operating System Helpers) true_fgcolor (Memory Constants)
gets (I/O) trunc (Math)
Getting a routine identifier (Indirect routine calling) TTYPE (Euphoria Source Tokenizer)
goto (Formal Syntax) TWOPI (Math Constants)
goto statement (Flow control statements) Type Constants (Hashing Algorithms)
Graphics - Cross Platform (API Reference) Type Conversion Functions and Macros (Euphoria Internals)
Graphics - Image Routines (API Reference) Type Sorted Function List (Machine Level Access)
Graphics Modes (Graphics - Cross Platform) Type Value Functions and Macros (Euphoria Internals)
graphics_mode (Graphics - Cross Platform) type_of (Map (hash table))
graphics_point (Graphics - Image Routines) types (Declarations)
GRAY (Bundled Demos) Types (Date/Time)
GRAY (Memory Constants) Types (Stack)
great_sort (Bundled Demos) Types (Types - Extended)
GREEN (Memory Constants) Types (Map (hash table))
GREEN (Bundled Demos) Types - Extended (API Reference)
guru.ex (Bundled Demos) Types and Constants (Machine Level Access)

Types of Maps (Map (hash table))
HALF_BLOCK_CURSOR (Console) Types of Tasks (Multitasking in Euphoria)
HALFPI (Math Constants)
HALFSQRT2 (Math Constants) UDP only (Core Sockets)
harmean (Statistics) uname (Operating System Helpers)
has (Map (hash table)) UNDERLINE_CURSOR (Console)
HAS_CASE (Command Line Handling) UNGREEDY (Regular Expressions)
has_console (Console) Unit Testing Framework (API Reference)
has_match (Regular Expressions) unix/callc.ex (Bundled Demos)
HAS_PARAMETER (Command Line Handling) unix/mylib.ex (Bundled Demos)
hash (Hashing Algorithms) unix/qsort.ex (Bundled Demos)
hash.ex (Bundled Demos) UNIX_TEXT (I/O)
Hashing Algorithms (API Reference) Unknown Escape Character (Euphoria Trouble-Shooting Guide)
head (Sequence Manipulation) unlock_file (I/O)
Header Labels (Flow control statements) unregister_block (Machine Level Access)
Hello, World (Example Programs) unsetenv (Operating System Helpers)
HELP (Command Line Handling) Unsupported Features (API Reference)
HELP_RID (Command Line Handling) upper (Text Manipulation)
hex_text (Data type conversion) URL encoding and decoding (URL handling)
High-Level WINDOWS Programming (Platform Specific Issues) URL handling (API Reference)
HIGH_BITS (Euphoria Internals) URL Parse Accessor Constants (URL handling)
Hints (Bundled Demos) URL Parsing (Common Internet Routines)
HOST_ALIASES (DNS) URL_ENTIRE (Common Internet Routines)
host_by_addr (DNS) URL_HOSTNAME (URL handling)
host_by_name (DNS) URL_HTTP_DOMAIN (Common Internet Routines)
HOST_IPS (DNS) URL_HTTP_PATH (Common Internet Routines)
HOST_TYPE (DNS) URL_MAIL_ADDRESS (Common Internet Routines)
HOUR (Date/Time) URL_MAIL_DOMAIN (Common Internet Routines)
HOURS (Date/Time) URL_MAIL_QUERY (Common Internet Routines)
How can I make my program run even faster? (Euphoria To C Translator) URL_MAIL_USER (Common Internet Routines)
How does storage get recycled? (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) URL_PASSWORD (URL handling)
How it Works (Bundled Demos) URL_PATH (URL handling)
How it Works (Bundled Demos) URL_PORT (URL handling)
How it Works (Bundled Demos) URL_PROTOCOL (URL handling)
How it Works (Bundled Demos) URL_PROTOCOL (Common Internet Routines)
How much of a speed-up should I expect? (Euphoria To C Translator) URL_QUERY_STRING (URL handling)
How to access the data (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) URL_USER (URL handling)
How to manually modify the environment in Windows (Installation) Usage (Bundled Demos)
How to Run the Translator (Euphoria To C Translator) Usage (Bundled Demos)
How to Speed-Up Loops (Performance Tips) Usage (Bundled Demos)
HSIEH30 (Hashing Algorithms) Usage (Bundled Demos)
HSIEH32 (Hashing Algorithms) Usage (Bundled Demos)
HTML Output (EuDis - Disassembling Euphoria code) Usage (Bundled Demos)
HTTP Client (API Reference) Usage (Bundled Demos)
http_get (HTTP Client) Usage (Bundled Demos)
http_post (HTTP Client) Usage (Bundled Demos)
hybrid_sort (Bundled Demos) Usage (Bundled Demos)
Hyperbolic trigonometry (Math) Usage (Bundled Demos)

Usage (Bundled Demos)
I/O (API Reference) Usage (Bundled Demos)
IDABORT (Windows Message Box) Use of a configuration file (The User Defined Pre-Processor)
IDCANCEL (Windows Message Box) Use of Tabs (Ed - Euphoria Editor)
Identifiers (Definition) USED_BYTES (File System)
Identifiers (Declarations) User-defined types (Declarations)
IDIGNORE (Windows Message Box) Using Data Bytes (Machine Level Access)
IDNO (Windows Message Box) Using Data Double Words (Machine Level Access)
IDOK (Windows Message Box) Using Data Words (Machine Level Access)
IDRETRY (Windows Message Box) Using Euphoria
IDYES (Windows Message Box) Using ifdef (Branching Statements)
if (Formal Syntax) Using Machine Code and C (Performance Tips)
if statement (Branching Statements) Using namespaces (Declarations)
ifdef (Formal Syntax) Using Pointer Arrays (Machine Level Access)
ifdef statement (Branching Statements) Using Resource Files (Euphoria To C Translator)
iif (Utilities) Using Strings (Machine Level Access)
Improved Documentation (Version 3.0.1 November 3, 2006) Using The Euphoria To C Translator (Performance Tips)
Improved Documentation (Version 3.0.2 February 9, 2007) UTF Encoded String Literals (Unsupported Features)
Improved Performance (Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005) UTF8 (Regular Expressions)
In-lining of Routine Calls (Performance Tips) Utilities (API Reference)
include (Formal Syntax) Utility Routines (Regular Expressions)
include statement (Special Top-Level Statements)
include_paths (Euphoria Information) valid (Pseudo Memory)
Included Tools valid_index (Sequence Manipulation)
INDENT (Pretty Printing) valid_memory_protection_constant (Machine Level Access)
Index VALIDATE_ALL (Command Line Handling)
Indexes for connection option structure. (Euphoria Database (EDS)) value (Input Routines)
Indirect calling a routine coded in Euphoria (Indirect routine calling) values (Map (hash table))
Indirect routine calling (Mini-Guides) variables (Declarations)
Indirect Routine Calling (API Reference) Variables (Euphoria Database (EDS))
info (Core Sockets) Variables, Constants, Enums (Formal Syntax)
Information (Core Sockets) VC_COLOR (Memory Constants)
Information (Console) VC_COLOR (Bundled Demos)
init_class (Syntax Coloring) VC_COLUMNS (Memory Constants)
init_curdir (File System) VC_COLUMNS (Bundled Demos)
INIT_FREE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) VC_LINES (Bundled Demos)
INIT_TABLES (Euphoria Database (EDS)) VC_LINES (Memory Constants)
Input Routines (API Reference) VC_MODE (Memory Constants)
insert (Sequence Manipulation) VC_MODE (Bundled Demos)
INSERT_FAILED (Euphoria Database (EDS)) VC_NCOLORS (Bundled Demos)
insertion_sort (Sorting) VC_NCOLORS (Memory Constants)
Installation (Installing Euphoria) VC_PAGES (Bundled Demos)
Installing Euphoria VC_PAGES (Memory Constants)
instance (Operating System Helpers) VC_SCRNCOLS (Memory Constants)
INT_FORMAT (Pretty Printing) VC_SCRNLINES (Memory Constants)
int_to_bits (Data type conversion) VC_XPIXELS (Memory Constants)
int_to_bytes (Data type conversion) VC_XPIXELS (Bundled Demos)
intdiv (Math) VC_YPIXELS (Memory Constants)
integer (Declarations) VC_YPIXELS (Bundled Demos)
integer (Types - Extended) version (Euphoria Information)
integer_array (Types - Extended) Version 1.0 July 1993 (Release Notes)
Interacting with the OS (Operating System Helpers) Version 1.1 January 1994 (Release Notes)
Interfacing with C Code (Platform Specific Issues) Version 1.2 March 1994 (Release Notes)
Interpreter (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) Version 1.3 June 1995 (Release Notes)
Interpreter (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) Version 1.4 May 1996 (Release Notes)
Interpreter Benchmark Results (Bundled Demos) Version 1.4.1 (release a) July 1996 (Release Notes)
Interpreter vs. Translator (Euphoria To C Translator) Version 1.4.2 (release b) October 1996 (Release Notes)
Intervals (Date/Time) Version 1.5 March 21, 1997 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Regular Expressions) Version 1.5.1 (release a) June 13, 1997 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Multitasking in Euphoria) Version 2.0 Alpha November 5, 1997 (Release Notes)
Introduction (EuTEST - Unit Testing) Version 2.0 Beta February 26, 1998 (Release Notes)
Introduction (EuDist - Distributing Programs) Version 2.0 March 25, 1998 (Release Notes)
Introduction (EuDis - Disassembling Euphoria code) Version 2.1 Alpha January 15, 1999 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Euphoria To C Translator) Version 2.1 Beta March 5, 1999 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Euphoria Programming Language v4.0) Version 2.1 WIN32 + DOS32 March 29, 1999 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Ed - Euphoria Editor) Version 2.2 Alpha Linux August 24, 1999 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Platform Specific Issues) Version 2.2 Beta Linux October 22, 1999 (Release Notes)
Introduction (Euphoria Database System (EDS)) Version 2.2 Beta WIN32+DOS32 December 23, 1999 (Release Notes)
INVALID_ROUTINE_ID (Types - Extended) Version 2.2 Linux November 22, 1999 (Release Notes)
INVLN10 (Math Constants) Version 2.2 Pre Alpha #1 Linux July 1, 1999 (Release Notes)
INVLN2 (Math Constants) Version 2.2 Pre Alpha #2 Linux July 6, 1999 (Release Notes)
INVSQ2PI (Math Constants) Version 2.2 Pre Alpha #3 Linux July 8, 1999 (Release Notes)
IP Address Handling (Common Internet Routines) Version 2.2 Pre Alpha #4 Linux July 15, 1999 (Release Notes)
IS_ATOM (Euphoria Internals) Version 2.2 WIN32+DOS32 January 14, 2000 (Release Notes)
IS_ATOM_DBL (Euphoria Internals) Version 2.3 Alpha November 30, 2001 (Release Notes)
IS_ATOM_INT (Euphoria Internals) Version 2.3 Beta January 15, 2002 (Release Notes)
IS_DBL_OR_SEQUENCE (Euphoria Internals) Version 2.3 February 11, 2002 (Release Notes)
is_developmental (Euphoria Information) Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003 (Release Notes)
is_empty (Stack) Version 2.4 Beta April 10, 2003 (Release Notes)
is_even (Math) Version 2.4 July 3, 2003 (Release Notes)
is_even_obj (Math) Version 2.5 Beta January 14, 2005 (Release Notes)
is_in_list (Searching) Version 2.5 March 8, 2005 (Release Notes)
is_in_range (Searching) Version 3.0.0 October 17, 2006 (Release Notes)
is_inetaddr (Common Internet Routines) Version 3.0.1 November 3, 2006 (Release Notes)
is_leap_year (Date/Time) Version 3.0.2 February 9, 2007 (Release Notes)
is_match (Regular Expressions) Version 3.1 June 2007 (Release Notes)
is_match (Wildcard Matching) Version 3.1.1 August 2007 (Release Notes)
is_release (Euphoria Information) Version 4.0.0 December 22, 2010 (Release Notes)
IS_SEQUENCE (Euphoria Internals) Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010 (Release Notes)
is_win_nt (Operating System Helpers) Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 2 December 8, 2010 (Release Notes)

Version 4.0.1 March 29, 2011 (Release Notes)
join (Sequence Manipulation) Version 4.0.2 April 5, 2011 (Release Notes)
join_path (File System) Version 4.0.3 June 23, 2011 (Release Notes)

Version 4.0.4 April 4, 2012 (Release Notes)
KC_LBUTTON (Console) Version 4.0.5 October 19, 2012 (Release Notes)
keep_comments (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) version_date (Euphoria Information)
keep_newlines (Euphoria Source Tokenizer) version_major (Euphoria Information)
Key Code names. (Console) version_minor (Euphoria Information)
key.ex (Bundled Demos) version_node (Euphoria Information)
key_codes (Console) version_patch (Euphoria Information)
Keyboard related routines (Console) version_revision (Euphoria Information)
keys (Map (hash table)) version_string (Euphoria Information)
keyvalues (Text Manipulation) version_string_long (Euphoria Information)
Keyword Data (API Reference) version_string_short (Euphoria Information)
KEYWORD_COLOR (Bundled Demos) version_type (Euphoria Information)
keywords (Keyword Data) VERSIONING (Command Line Handling)
kill (Pipe Input/Output) video_config (Memory Constants)
kurtosis (Statistics) video_config sequence accessors (Memory Constants)

Visit the EuForum (Example Programs)
lang_load (Locale Routines) vlookup (Searching)
Language Enhancements (What's new in 4.0?) vslice (Sequence Manipulation)
Language Reference
LARGEMAP (Map (hash table)) w32_name_canonical (Locale Routines)
larger_of (Math) w32_names (Locale Routines)
largest (Statistics) W_BAD_PATH (File System)
LARGEST_BUCKET (Map (hash table)) wait_key (Console)
last (Stack) walk_dir (File System)
LAST_ERROR_CODE (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Warning (Multi-tasking)
LEAVE (Map (hash table)) warning (Errors and Warnings)
Legal Restrictions (Euphoria To C Translator) Warning: Use the right file mode (Euphoria Database System (EDS))
length (Sequence Manipulation) warning_file (Errors and Warnings)
Library / Built-In Routines (Performance Tips) WEEKS (Date/Time)
Library Definitions (Branching Statements) weeks_day (Date/Time)
Library Routines (Version 2.4 Alpha February 21, 2003) What if I want to change the compile or link options in my generated makefile? (Euphoria To C Translator)
Licensing (Euphoria Programming Language v4.0) What to Do? (Example Programs)
Line Terminator (Ed - Euphoria Editor) What's new in 4.0? (Euphoria Programming Language v4.0)
LINE_BREAKS (Pretty Printing) where (I/O)
LINUX (Operating System Helpers) where.ex (Bundled Demos)
Linux and FreeBSD (Installation) which_bit (Flags)
LINUX Socket Filtering Options (Core Sockets) while (Formal Syntax)
LINUX Socket Options (Core Sockets) while statement (Loop statements)
listen (Core Sockets) WHITE (Memory Constants)
LN10 (Math Constants) WHITE (Bundled Demos)
LN2 (Math Constants) Why call indirectly? (Indirect routine calling)
load (Serialization of Euphoria Objects) Why Multitask? (Multitasking in Euphoria)
load_map (Map (hash table)) Why scopes, and what are they? (Declarations)
loaddb.ex (Bundled Demos) Wildcard Matching (API Reference)
Locale Name Translation (Locale Routines) WIN32 (Operating System Helpers)
Locale Routines (API Reference) win32/dsearch.exw (Bundled Demos)
locale_canonical (Locale Routines) win32/taskwire.exw (Bundled Demos)
Localized Variables (Date/Time) win32/window.exw (Bundled Demos)
locate_file (File System) win32/winwire.exw (Bundled Demos)
Lock Type Constants (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Windows (Installation)
LOCK_EXCLUSIVE (I/O) WINDOWS (Operating System Helpers)
lock_file (I/O) Windows Data Type constants for function/procedure calls (Bundled Demos)
LOCK_METHOD (Euphoria Database (EDS)) Windows Data Type constants for function/procedure calls (Bundled Demos)
LOCK_SHARED (I/O) Windows Message Box (API Reference)
lock_type (I/O) Windows Socket Options (Core Sockets)
log (Math) Windows Sound (API Reference)
log10 (Math) with / without (Special Top-Level Statements)
Logarithms and powers. (Math) with / without inline (Special Top-Level Statements)
Logical Operators (Definition) with entry statement (Flow control statements)
Long Lines (Ed - Euphoria Editor) with options (Formal Syntax)
lookup (Searching) WRAP (Pretty Printing)
loop (Formal Syntax) wrap (Text Manipulation)
Loop statements (Language Reference) wrap (Graphics - Cross Platform)
loop until statement (Loop statements) write (Pipe Input/Output)
Low Level File/Device Handling (I/O) Write Your Own (Example Programs)
Low Level Memory Manipulation (Performance Tips) write_file (I/O)
Low-Level WINDOWS Programming (Platform Specific Issues) write_lines (I/O)
lower (Text Manipulation) writef (I/O)

writefln (I/O)
Machine Level Access (API Reference) Writing to Memory (Machine Level Access)
machine_addr (Machine Level Access)
machine_func (Indirect Routine Calling) xor_bits (Math)
machine_proc (Indirect Routine Calling)
MAGENTA (Memory Constants) YEAR (Date/Time)
MAGENTA (Bundled Demos) YEARS (Date/Time)
Major Library Additions (Version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 November 8, 2010) years_day (Date/Time)
MAKE_DBL (Euphoria Internals) YELLOW (Memory Constants)
MAKE_INT (Euphoria Internals) YELLOW (Bundled Demos)
MAKE_SEQ (Euphoria Internals) Yet Another Programming Language? (Introduction)
MAKE_UINT (Euphoria Internals)