9.33 Version 2.2 Alpha Linux August 24, 1999

Many of these features and bug fixes will also be made available in Version 2.2 for WIN32 + DOS32.

  • The documentation has been brought up-to-date to include Linux-specific information for library routines and Euphoria in general.
  • There is now a Complete Edition for Linux, including binding and shrouding. See register\register.doc.
  • There is now text mode mouse support using get_mouse(). You must have GPM server running. It works in a text console or an xterm window.
  • Linux: define_c_var(name) will return the address of a global C variable in a shared library.
  • It was confirmed that you can call Euphoria routines from Linux C routines using exactly the same mechanism as in WIN32 Euphoria. See euphoria/demo/linux.
  • An example of creating your own shared library routines and calling them from Euphoria was added. See euphoria/demo/linux.
  • All platforms: crash_file(file_name) will cause diagnostic messages to be written to file_name instead of ex.err. You can use crash_file("/dev/null") to get diagnostics on screen but not in a file.<br> crash_file("") means "no diagnostics" (to screen or ex.err).
  • Trace mode in xterm now detects the F1/F2 keys.
  • time() now reports real "wall-clock" time, not CPU time.
  • search, guru and cdguru now place their output in your $HOME directory instead of the current directory.
  • #! is now restricted to just the first line of a file.
  • All platforms: In ed, the Esc n, Esc d, Esc f and Esc r commands will immediately redisplay your last choice. You can press up-arrow/down-arrow to see other choices, or clear the choice. If you start typing without editing, it will clear the choice and take your new input.
  • free_console() will set the terminal parameters back to normal. Normally, when running a Euphoria program the parameters are set the way that curses wants them and they are set back to normal when the program terminates. If your program needs to terminate in a strange way (other than calling abort()), free_console() should be called first.
  • **bug fixed: <font color="#006699">get()</font>
    • now considers '\r' to be a whitespace character. This is important when reading DOS files.
  • All platforms: bug fixed: It was not immediately issuing a type_check failure when 1 was added to an integer variable that was set to the maximum value for an integer (1.07 billion). Thanks to Jeff Fielding.
  • All platforms: bug fixed: It was not always detecting an improperly-formed exponent on a floating-point number. Thanks to Lionel Wong.
  • All platforms: The performance of the storage allocator has been improved in certain cases. A bug that could cause the interpreter to crash when you are almost out of memory has been fixed.