The website is written using 100% Euphoria technologies including:

  • WebClay - a Euphoria web framework
  • ETML - Euphoria Text Markup Language, which mixes Euphoria code and any text format (in most cases HTML)
  • EDBI - Euphoria Database Interface - Database abstraction

The product name in general is EuWeb.

We would like to thank a few people that helped make the website possible... Listed in no order:

  • n33 with Node Thirty Three for an excellent template
  • Jeremy Cowgar for WebClay
  • CoJaBo for input on various areas of web security
  • Greg Haberek for the Euphoria web badges
  • The general Euphoria community for many ideas and bug reports

Finally we would like to thank the developers who work directly on the web project (last name alpha order):


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