OpenEuphoria releases are now available on our GitHub releases page.

4.2.0 (TBD)

Euphoria 4.2 is currently under development. If you would like to try it out, you can build from source or download nightly binaries.

4.1.0 (Feb 2, 2015)

You should use 64-bit releases if you are running a 64-bit operating system, unless you have a specific need to interface with something that is strictly 32-bit.

Platform Download Size
Linux 32-bit euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x86-57179171dbed.tar.gz 13.7 MB
Linux 64-bit euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64-57179171dbed.tar.gz 14.0 MB
Mac OS X 64-bit euphoria-4.1.0-OSX-x64-57179171dbed.tar.gz 13.0 MB
Raspberry Pi 32-bit euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat-57179171dbed.tar.gz 12.8 MB
Windows 32-bit (zip file) 18.4 MB
Windows 32-bit (installer) euphoria-4.1.0-x86.exe 9.08 MB
Windows 64-bit (zip file) 20.4 MB
Windows 64-bit (installer) euphoria-4.1.0-x64.exe 10.4 MB

Please see the PriorReleases page for versions prior to 4.1.


Linux/Mac OS X/Raspberry Pi

Extract the tarball to /usr/local and symlink the executables into your /usr/local/bin directory.

$ sudo tar -xzf euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64-57179171dbed.tar.gz -C /usr/local 
$ cd /usr/local/bin 
$ sudo find /usr/local/euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64/bin -type f -executable -exec ln -s {} \; 
$ eui --version 
Euphoria Interpreter v4.1.0 development 
   64-bit Linux, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2015-02-02 14:18:53, Id: 5861:57179171dbed 


  • Use the installer, or...
  • Extract the zip file to C:\Euphoria and add C:\Euphoria\bin to your PATH environment variable.
    • Environment variables are found under Start > Settings > System > About > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables...
    • Or you can click Start and search for Edit the system environment variables.


Phix is Pete's Self Hosted Hybrid Interpreter/Compiler. Phix is a dialect of Euphoria with some improvements and changes to the language, and it's written Assembly!

Downloads and documentation for Phix are available on Pete Lomax's website here:

RDS Euphoria

Euphoria was originally developed by Robert Craig of Rapid Deployment Software. Rob made Euphoria open source in 2006 and retired from development in 2010.

Downloads and documentation for Euphoria 3.1 are available on the RDS website here:

Nightly binaries

Also known as "eubins" these are the bleeding edge builds of Euphoria. This process was once hosted on our web server but has now moved to our GitHub Actions page. There you will find the result of the most recent commit to the repo and, if the workflow was able to build the code without errors, the resulting binaries and documentation files (you must be signed into GitHub to download these files). At some point these will be moved to the Releases page and marked as "pre-release" status.

Building from source

Euphoria is built with Euphoria, so first you need to install version 4.1 as described above. The build process is (currently) designed to work best on Debian-based Linux distributions. Although you may be able to build on Windows using MSYS or Git Bash, this is (currently) unsupported.

Install prerequisites

$ sudo apt install build-essential git 

Clone the Euphoria repo

$ git clone 

Run configure and make

$ cd euphoria/source 
$ ./configure 
$ make 

Or to just compile the html docs

$ cd euphoria/source 
$ ./configure 
$ make htmldoc 

Cross-compiling for Windows

The steps are mostly the same as described above, but you'll also need to install binutils and gcc packages for the target platform.

$ sudo apt install binutils-mingw-w64-x86-64 gcc-mingw-w64-x86-64 

And then add the target options when running the configure script. This example also puts the output in the specified build directory.

$ ./configure --arch=x86_64 --plat=WINDOWS --cc-prefix=x86_64-w64-mingw32- --build=build-windows-x86_64 

For 32-bit Windows you should replace x86_64 with i686.


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