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Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit

Linux 32-bit


Phix is Pete’s Self Hosted Hybrid Interpreter/Compiler

A project outside of OpenEuphoria that shares the features and spirit of Euphoria. Phix has some improvements that may interest you.

Legacy Euphoria

The orignal RDS Euphoria.

No longer developed, but still a favorite for some users. Note that Euphoria 3 code is not fully compatible with OpenEuphoria 4 code.

Euphoria 3.1.1 Windows

Euphoria 3.1.1 Linux

Eu3 Standard Library by Jean-Marc DURO

A set of libraries for Eu3, documented and tested.

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  • Wiki page: BSD
  • Wiki page: Arm
  • Wiki page: DOS


  • Wee: Euphoria code editor; download site Wee
  • EuGTK: Wrapper for GTK; project page: EuGTK

Just the Documentation

( all platforms )

Format Download Link
PDF euphoria 4.0.5 pdf
HTML euphoria 4.0.5 html

Just the Source-Code

( all platforms )

Old Release Archive

( all platforms )

* Includes RDS E1.0 released as shareware in 1993.

Old Wiki Page Follows

Euphoria v4

For help with selecting a Release, or for ideas as what to do after downloading click here

Current Stable: Euphoria 4.0.5

Released: October 19th, 2012

Binary Releases

All versions are 32-bit binaries.

Platform 32-bit Description Link
Linux Debian-Ubuntu-Mint Package euphoria_4.0.5_i386.deb
64-bit Debian-Ubuntu-Mint Package
32-bit Euphoria binaries that install on 64-bit systems.
Generic tar/gz package for 32-bit systems
for manual install
Generic tar/bz2 package for 32-bit systems
alternative archiving format
for manual install
Windows Windows installer
Windows Windows installer
standard with OW compiler

Documentation Only

All releases already contain this documentation.

Format Download
PDF euphoria-4.0.5.pdf

Translated C Source Code Releases

For manual installation.

Platform Link
FreeBSD euphoria-FREEBSD-4.0.5.tar.gz
Linux euphoria-LINUX-4.0.5.tar.gz
NetBSD euphoria-NETBSD-4.0.5.tar.gz
OpenBSD euphoria-OPENBSD-4.0.5.tar.gz
OS X euphoria-OSX-4.0.5-src.tar.gz

Beta for Testing

Linux RPM

Michael Moore created a 64-bit RPM package for 4.1.0 Beta 2 for download.

Needs a current installation of oE. Has dependency issues.

A quick (~10 second) shell script for automatically downloading and installing Eu Beta 2 can be downloaded here:

This should be run as root (sudo sh

Beta for Testing: Euphoria 4.1.0 Beta 2

13 February 2015

Download from






Older Beta Release ( Beta for Testing: Euphoria 4.1.0 Beta 1 )


This is a beta version only and will likely require manual installation.

One way to test the beta is to install 4.0 and just copy 4.1 binary files to the /euphoria/bin directory. The standard library files remain unchanged for this beta version.

Released February 2014

Beta Versions of Euphoria 4.1 can now be downloaded from SourceForge.

Windows, Linux, OSX, and ARM versions are available.

From Source-code

To install from source you need a C compiler. Download the Source Package for your platform and then:

% cd euphoria-4.0.0-src/source 
% ./configure 
% make 
% make install 

This will install Euphoria into the /usr/local directory tree.

Eubins Development Versions

A eubin is a version of Euphoria created and compiled for developer testing. During times of frenzied development, but not currently, eubins are created and updated at . However, at the moment eubins should not be used as they do not work identically to those compiled independently. See ticket:933.

You can create your own "eubin" by compiling Euphoria from source-code found at the code repository.

Developer Information

As of 12/19/2010 at 07:31PM EST, the SVN server hosted on the website at is no longer used for active Euphoria development. It will be decommissioned in the days ahead. All development has been moved to our own Mercurial repository hosted here on Its public address is: Its developer address is The two are no different. The public address is anonymous read-only while the developer address is via SSL and requires authentication to use.

If you are using a secure connection mode, and you need to in order to push commits, you'll need to enter the finger print for this site. This is located somewhere in your browser. The finger print can be specified in your hgrc file like this:

[hostfingerprints] = c2:63:92:ad:1a:c9:50:60:4b:4a:d3:d3:1f:d9:13:cc:bd:07:64:23 

Some recommended reading the excellent tutorial information about Mercurial: Learn Mercurial.

The versioning display of our products have changed when using Mercurial and the ability to branch/tag in Mercurial is much nicer especially when it comes to branching and tagging a release, thus the decision was made to switch directly prior to the 4.0.0 final release. Example output from the new version display is

C:\Development\Projects\euphoria> eui --version  
Euphoria Interpreter v4.0.0 development  
   Windows, Using Managed Memory  
   Build Date: 2010-12-19 Rev: 7cae4df2962e 

Previous Versions < 4.x

Previous versions of Euphoria are available on the PriorReleases download page.


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