9.32 Version 2.2 Beta Linux October 22, 1999

Most of these features and bug fixes will also be made available in Version 2.2 for WIN32 + DOS32.

  • platform() has been moved from misc.e into exu to eliminate the function call overhead. platform() now takes zero time to compute. The compiler simply plugs in the appropriate constant value.
  • lock_file() and unlock_file() have been added to allow multiple processes to share access to files. This can be important in CGI programming and other areas.
  • flush() will force the contents of the memory buffer out to a file or device.
  • chdir() will change to a new current directory and let you know if it was successful.
  • sleep() will suspend execution of your program for a number of seconds, and let the operating system schedule another process.
  • put_screen_char() will write a character and its attributes (colors etc.) to the screen.
  • get_screen_char() will read a character and its attributes from the screen.
  • save_text_image() now works on Linux (as well as DOS32). It copies a rectangular text image from the screen.
  • display_text_image() now works under Linux (as well as DOS32). It writes a rectangular text image to the screen.
  • The "short-circuit" warning now gives the filename and line number of the possibly short-circuited call. Minor clarifications were made in some other error messages as well.
  • Minor improvements were made to ed and search.
  • A portability problem in how2reg.ex was fixed.
  • exu is compressed better. It's actually a bit smaller now, although functionality has been added to it.