7.5 EuDist - Distributing Programs

7.5.1 Introduction

EuDist is a tool that makes distributing your program easier. It's designed to gather all of the Euphoria files that your program uses and put them into a directory. This can also be useful for sending example code for bug reports.

7.5.2 Command Line Switches

You can use the standard -i and -c switches with eudist. There are additional options:

  • --clear Clear the output directory before copying files
  • -d <dir> Specify the output directory for the files
  • -e <file> --exclude-file <file> Exclude a file from being copied
  • -ed <dir> --exclude-directory <file> Exclude a directory from being copied
  • -edr <dir> --exclude-directory-recursively <file> Exclude a directory and all subdirectories from being copied