9.4 Version 4.0.2 April 5, 2011

9.4.1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed canonical_path performance issues introduced in 4.0.1.
  • ticket:646 dir can now handle multiple wildcards on non-Windows platforms
  • ticket:647 The version detection system has been improved so that all binaries use the same C header file, which should prevent the potential of mismatched versions.
  • ticket:644 canonical_path leaves alone path components (and anything after them) with wildcards.
  • Fixed compiler directives about functions that don't return. Removed some that were obsolete, and corrected for MinGW to use the GCC directives.
  • ticket:648 Fix small memory leak from while loops

9.4.2 New Functionality

  • The std\rand.e function, sample(), now implements both with replacement and without replacement sampling methods.