9.3 Version 4.0.3 June 23, 2011

9.3.1 Bug Fixes

  • ticket:655 Integer values stored as doubles weren't being correctly coerced back to euphoria integers in translated code.
  • ticket:656 Translated not_bits made incorrect type assumptions
  • ticket:662 Switches with all integer cases, but with a range of greater than 1024 between the biggest and smallest were interpreted incorrectly.
  • ticket:661 fixed translator linking to use comctl32 library on windows
  • ticket:663 Translator -plat switch now uses WINDOWS instead of WIN.
  • ticket:666 fixed to allow integers stored as doubles in be_sockets.c.
  • ticket:654 removed internal use-only standard library routines and constants from the user documentation.
  • ticket:667 Fixed optimization of translated IF when the conditions were known to be false.
  • ticket:654 Removed from documentation the internal workings of Machine Level Access and reorganized Documentation.
  • ticket:676 Changed search order for locate_file
  • ticket:675 Fixed machine crash in splice when splicing an atom before beginning of sequence or after end
  • ticket:665 Windows 95 and above is supported. For using sockets you must have Windows Sockets 2.2
  • ticket:680 Fixed socket type checking.
  • ticket:720 Fix propagation of public include among reincluded files

9.3.2 Enhancements

  • Minor changes to eutest output to read its console output
  • New math functions larger_of and smaller_of