9.2 Version 4.0.4 April 4, 2012

9.2.1 Bug Fixes

  • ticket:664 Symbol resolution errors now report whether you use a symbol is not declared or is declared more than once, or from not declared in the file you specify (via a namespace), or not a builtin. When declared more than once, you are now told where the symbols were declared.
  • ticket:602 socket create documentation corrected to state that it returns an error code on failure.
  • ticket:672 fixed dll creation under Windows.
  • ticket:687 fixed source file distribution.
  • ticket:681 fixed error reporting when the error is the last symbol on a line, but that might be part of and expression that carries over to the next line
  • ticket:694 do not short circuit inside of forward function calls
  • ticket:699 Include public and export symbols in ex.err output
  • ticket:717 Fix docs to correctly describe bitwise functions
  • ticket:725 Smarter reading of command line options. Euphoria could consume switches meant for the the end user program
  • When there is a user supplied library, the translator does not abort when the library doesn't exist and one of -nobuild, -makefile or -makefile-partial is used
  • ticket:728 Fix sequence slice error when invalid command line arguments are passed to euphoria.
  • ticket:730 Fixed initialization of private variables. The translator incorrectly assumed that all variables started as integers to prevent them from being dereferenced.
  • ticket:722 Use backslashes for the filesystem seperator when passing to Watcom even if the supplied data uses forward slashes.
  • ticket:611 an no-longer existing install.doc was being referenced by a an install script. This has been updated.
  • ticket:683 ticket:685 fixes for building the interpreter itself for MinGW
  • ticket:732 fixes in building console less programs using MinGW
  • ticket:721 fixes drive letter case descrepency between various functions defined in sys/filesys.e

9.2.2 Enhancements

  • ticket:611 A more complete explaination of how to install has been added to the documentation.
  • ticket:727 The interpreter and translator no longer show you all of their options when you make a mistake at the command line.
  • ticket:727 cmd_parse() can take a new option NO_HELP_ON_ERROR, which means it will not display all of the options on error.
  • ticket:741 minor format/refactor win32 demos to use C_TYPES more win64 compatible & eu4.1 ready.