Euphoria Ticket #722: Include path is not adjusted to use backslashes for WATCOM

WATCOM needs to see backslashes for a filesystem separator. If not, it interprets each directory as some kind of undefined switch. When using MINGW, WATCOM is fed paths with the backslashes switched to forward slashes. Which kills the build.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Build System
Assigned To: SDPringle Status: Fixed Reported Release: 4.0+
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.0.4

1. Comment by SDPringle Oct 29, 2011

See: hg:euphoria/rev/90bab305959c

changeset: 5210:90bab305959c branch: 4.0 tag: tip parent: 5207:369a05a0f15c user: Shawn Pringle <> date: Sun Oct 30 00:22:22 2011 -0300 files: docs/internals.txt source/buildsys.e description:

  • fixes ticket 722


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