9.1 Version 4.0.5 October 19, 2012

9.1.1 Bug Fixes

  • ticket:777 When invalid input is sent to 'match' or 'find' the error includes 'match' or 'find' in the error message repectively.
  • ticket:749 Fix init checks for while-entry and goto
  • ticket:563 Default values for arguments are always parsed and resolved as though they were being evaluated from the point of the routine declaration, not the point where the routine is called
  • ticket:763 In some cases, the translator did not keep potential routine_id targets when dynamic routine names were used
  • ticket:665 documented minimal requirements for various features in EUPHORIA on various platforms.
  • ticket:665 set minimal version for Windows in its installer to avoid installing on computers that it wont work on.
  • ticket:767 translated insert() could segfault when inserting an atom stored as an integer
  • ticket:744 Duplicate case values in a switch block no longer result in a failed compile after being translated to C.
  • ticket:775 Fixed potential memory leak when a temp is passed to one of the native type check functions: integer(), atom(), object() or sequence()
  • ticket:778 Translator keeps forward referenced routine_id routines in include files
  • ticket:789 Make parser read Windows eols the same as unix eols on Linux.
  • ticket:795 Corrected std/serialize.e to call define_c_proc correctly
  • ticket:795 Corrected std/net/http.e to call do a case insensitive search for 'content-length'
  • ticket:796 when binding and translating use different EXE names
  • Fixed memory leak in translator when calls to head() result in an empty sequence

9.1.2 Enhancements

  • ticket:768 Backported support for deserializing 8-byte integers and 10-byte floating point.
  • Optimization of std/map.e remove() to prevent unnecessary copy on write
  • ticket:787 Document cases where you pass an empty sequence into search routines