9.9 Version 3.1.1 August 2007

This release is a minor update to fix some bugs.

9.9.1 Bug Fixes

  • bug fixed: A storage leak (memory allocated but never freed) was introduced in version 3.1, on the Linux and FreeBSD platforms. Fixed by Matthew Lewis.
  • bug fixed: When Euphoria failed to open the main program file, the error message would sometimes show the wrong file type. Fixed by Matthew Lewis.
  • bug fixed: Bugs in the new library routines, find_from() and match_from() were corrected. The third argument (the starting index) is now tightly-checked. Fixed by Matthew Lewis and Rob Craig.
  • bug fixed: The ed script on Linux was changed to allow blanks in the path of the file to be edited. Fixed by Rob Craig.
  • bug fixed: Double-quotes were added to ed.ex so Esc e will work with paths containing blanks. Reported by Alex Caracatsanis. Fixed by Rob Craig.
  • bug fixed: database.e was fixed so forward slashes are allowed in the db_compress() file name. Reported by Frank Dowling. Fixed by Rob Craig.