9.11 Version 3.0.2 February 9, 2007

This release fixes some important bugs in 3.0.1, and improves the source code documentation.

9.11.1 Bug Fixes

  • bug fixed: Translator: Programs translated to C and compiled for Windows would crash if they used the new multitasking feature. (This worked in 3.0.0 but was broken accidentally in 3.0.1 because some stack offsets changed.)
  • bug fixed: Interpreter: In fairly rare situations, the interpreter for Windows might crash. This was due to a bug in load_private_block() where it was freeing a block of memory and then returning a pointer into that block. In rare cases, a page of virtual memory might be removed from the heap by the Windows O/S before the block could be read. Thanks to Andy Serpa, Pete Lomax, Matt Lewis, Derek Parnell, and others for helping to pin-point the location of the bug.
  • bug fixed: Source Code: "\euphoria" was changed to to %EUDIR% in 4 .bat files in the source directory. Thanks to Jaime Marcos.

9.11.2 Improved Documentation

  • A new document (translator.doc) was added to euphoria\source. It describes the internals of the Translator, with emphasis on the many optimizations that the Translator performs.
  • The user documentation was also improved in a few places.

9.11.3 C Source Code Changes

  • Matthew Lewis added a Linux/FreeBSD make file, and made source code changes to better support Open Watcom and a newer version of GCC.