9.12 Version 3.0.1 November 3, 2006

This release cleans up a number of bugs and documentation errors in 3.0.0.

9.12.1 Improved Documentation

  • A separate new document on multitasking was added.
  • Obsolete pre-open-source concepts in the 3.0.0 documentation were deleted or corrected.

9.12.2 Bug Fixes

  • Euphoria-coded .dll / .so files were not working at all, due to a multitasking-related glitch. Thanks to Andrea Cini.

    Note: execution of multitasking built-in routines is currently not supported inside a Euphoria-coded .dll / .so. You'll get a compile-time error message from the Translator if you use the -dll option and your library source code contains multitasking operations. Other than that, use of Euphoria-coded .dll / .so files by main programs that do multitasking is fine.
  • A text console bug was fixed. It involved output to the screen involving tabs and/or wrap-around (at 80 columns). Thanks to Pete Lomax, Juergen Luethje, Matt Lewis.
  • bind.bat, bindw.bat and shroud.bat were changed to use %EUDIR% rather than \EUPHORIA. Thanks to Ray Smith.
  • syncolor.e now includes keywords.e (relative to euphoria\bin) rather than \euphoria\bin\keywords.e. Thanks to Rick Bettis.

9.12.3 C Source Code Changes

  • All of the #ifdef ENCURSES code was stripped out. We don't plan to use ncurses again, and this change makes parts of the source code much more readable.
  • A thread5() machine language macro was added to be_execute.c This helps the interpreter to compile correctly with Open Watcom, avoiding a C optimizer bug. Thanks to Matt Lewis.