9.30 Version 2.2 Beta WIN32+DOS32 December 23, 1999

Most of the new library routines developed for Euphoria 2.2 on Linux, have now been ported to WIN32 and DOS32. These are: sleep(), chdir(), flush(), lock_file(), unlock_file(), crash_file(), get_screen_char() and put_screen_char(). For a description of these routines refer to the Linux release notes below, or <a href="library.htm">LIBRARY.DOC</a>.

Some cross-platform bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements were made during the Linux port. These bug fixes and improvements have now been ported back to WIN32+DOS32. See the Linux release notes (below).

In addition, the following improvements have been made specifically for WIN32 and DOS32:

  • exw.exe now contains a Euphoria icon that is displayed automatically by Windows. The icon was contributed by Gary Dumer. Registered users may change this icon when they bind a program.
  • exw.exe is now a compressed executable of just 73K (or so). It's compressed using the UPX compression tool for .exe files.
  • ex.exe has been updated with the latest release of the CauseWay DOS extender. A problem where CauseWay would sometimes limit you to 64Mb of memory under some DOS configurations has been eliminated, and a few other minor bugs were fixed.
  • bug fixed: The error traceback could sometimes crash or be misprinted when a type_check failure occurred. It could only happen when 1 was added to an expression, and the non-integer result of the expression was assigned to a variable declared as integer.
  • bug fixed: If text_rows() was called as the first routine needing a WIN32 console window, Euphoria would fail to set the new number of lines of text on the console.