9.35 Version 2.2 Pre Alpha #3 Linux July 8, 1999

  • In an xterm window, exu will prompt you to hit Enter before it exits. Without this, xterm restores the screen so fast that you don't see any output or error messages.
  • An internal coding change was made to Euphoria's rand() function. (The algorithm has not changed.) Hopefully this will allow rand() to work on all distributions of Linux. Please let us know if rand() still fails.
  • ed: The Esc h command will display the Euphoria help files. This was broken in pre-alpha#2.
  • In an xterm window, Euphoria's video_config() now reports the correct number of lines and columns - this helps ed to work much better. ed will work with the initial size of window in effect when ed starts up.
  • ed: F1, F2, F3, F4, Home, End, and the Delete key work now in xterm (under Red Hat 5.2 at least). The other F-keys were already working. PageUp/PageDown and some other keys still don't work - feel free to add your own alternate keys.
  • exu is now even smaller - just 82K.