1. Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Hi all, Happy New Year.

f you appreciate it, I will go on commenting JUST logically on problems,
because each and everyone of you will be a far better CODER than I am currently,
because I didn't do ANY EU/OE/phix coding in over 10 years.
BUT I will catch up AFAP (as FAST as possible).

In the meantime however I will show you the LOGICAL pitfall causing the problem and provide you with a SYMBOLIC solution for it avoiding that pitfall.

Quite some time ago Derk pointed out is that we needed a benevolent dictator, I guess him and I understand what we cab achieve in that way. (As will Kat/useless/???)

Well HERE I AM, because I am going to "dictate(==tell) you how to solve YOUR problem, under the condition YOU will help solve ONE of MY problems.
OTOH I will set up another POLL in a very specific way
where you can vote for (OR AGAINST) the next move in perfecting OE/EU.
This vote will be very precise, because you can vote by URGENCY on 9 levels

The same POLL will allow you to differentiate on your assets (as a programmer, (not in any other way UNLESS you are insisting on doing it)
working a certain project with the minimum number of assistants to achieve the fastest and most perfect solution possible.
Resources both material and immaterial will be put at your disposal if STRICTLY NEEDED, but can be offered by anybody wanting to go for (just a part) of the ride.
The outcome of the poll will by a majority principle show the order and participants in the highest ranked fields. I myself will be in the backseat, pointing you the right direction if needed.... NOT OBLIGING but ADVISING YOU to follow a path, either one time the straight and wide, the straight and narrow OR the winding path to success.

WHO will second and third etc this proposition??

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2. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Hi Ek

The benevolent dictator that Derek referred to was for the guidance of development of Eu, where progress has markedly slowed / stalled, after some of the key players have moved on or have had other life commitments imposed on them. It was not referring to the answering of general eu related programming questions.

If you wish to get involved with the development aspect, then by all means do so (at the moment this is beyond me, although I do like contributing small snippets here and there), where it looks like your programming skills are reasonably well advanced. Having watched this for the last 20 (?) years, then I would say that if you enjoy herding cats, then this will definately be your thing.

Unfortunately I don't think that a 'dictator', benevolent or otherwise, would sit well with the euforum community. However, you are more than welcome (as is everyone and anyone) to answer questions as they arise, and contribute to discussions, without having any conditions imposed on them.



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3. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Hi Chris,

Thx for your extensive reply.

I will pick up my contribution to the forum the way I best can do right now, by helping find bugs and showing (some) more efficient tricks and ways of logical programming, revealing some routines I wrote in the past. However, don't expect me to give them in correct EU-syntax over the next 3 months, until I have picked up "EU-speak" way more.

A (what both Derek and I call) benevolent dictator, only points into the best direction, hoping those who are best fit to take specific chunks upon themselves, will hear the beckoning. AND a majority-agreement on urgency of future moves would be a great asset to give OE a great boost.

Are you Admins and moderators willing to have a look at my proposal for a poll to that specific extent, so let me know and I will provide you with a (explanatory) comment on as short notice as I can.

OFC I am willing to participate, but as already mentioned, by offering *symbolic* code FTTB until I can do quite a bit of proper EU-coding again.


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4. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Trying to be a dictator (benevolent or not) is futile. You will discover that you have no subjects to dictate to. There is already a language with a benevolent dictator, a very popular language, with bizarre camel-like features.

Right now we a few alchemists. Transmuting time into code is not easy and does not happen often. Compared to many languages Euphoria is already gold.

The role of grand wizard is something else. The requrement is the time, skill, and energy to write an interpreter/compiler from scratch.

We can bestow the role of Euphoria visionary on you. The task is to see into the future what we cannot see. My hope is that other visionaries will join you. Please, become a visionary.

You are free to start a "visions" wiki page--just start typing.


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5. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Hi tom,

You will be pleased to hear, I hope, that my idea (and Derecks) are kind of your idea of a visionary. The only difference is that this particular visionary would like to have an advisory role in decisions made either on a smaller or on a wider platform (within OE and maybe phix), because this particular visionary has laid out a path already far beyond, but NOT outside, OE & derivatives.

My personal target will be The best proglan ever, using the best OS (combo of best properties of Windows and Mac) INSIDE Linux the best hardware possible.

Major advances in all 3 fields will be possible with few changes at low cost. It is not me, that came up with this idea of creating the fastest progress possible with the least effort. The person that did so alas died over 5 years ago, and it has taken me the major part of those years to find the (obvious) road. One day, just over a year ago, I symbolically stumbled over it and consequently consequently started seeing option after option building themselves the new STRUCTURE that woold profit most from a language based on almost omnipotent structures and their wide variety of methods, while in the meantime keeping in the back-end of the mind KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I indeed will start a page Visions in the wiki asap (within 2 weeks as the next fortnight I am over my head involved in a new youtube-channel, trying to find simple solutions to seemingly impossible issues, like how to turn garbage into an valuable aset with yet unknown properties as to resistance against decay, weathering or natural disasters (just flexible and strong enough to withstand earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

Said channel will come online at a symbolic date (2018/02/03). Polishing the maiden-presentation is taking those 2 weeks.

regards and best wishes for the renainder of your lifespan,


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6. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Hi tom (once more),

Where in the wiki-pages, you think, a 'visionary look on OE' would fit in best? Maybe the lines aren't separated correctly, because I am fighting a Kbd going be an 'outlaw', because I tried to hook up a mini (chinese) Bluetooth Apple gizmo, and almost all characters like slashes, numeric and operational ones are in different spot from their usual.

Well, I'm sure, in the end I'll have it 'under bridle and reign', as we say in our LowCountries.

I think it will be best, once I have things on file, I'd send the admins one common mail in some detail how, I think, we might get some pepper (the orange Mme Jeanettes) up some exhaust-pipes, and change up to an euphoric speed in development and maybe have the right drivers in there own favorite ramjet-driven monstercar asap.

Perfection is doing the most complicated task in a crystal-clear and concise way, chipping away all unnecessary frills.


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7. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

Ekhnat0n said...

... Where in the wiki-pages, you think, a 'visionary look on OE' would fit in best? ...

I make a fresh page http://openeuphoria.org/wiki/view/OpenEuphoria%20Vison.wc

You now have a blank slate.


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8. Re: Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

I'll try to keep it blank as a lily, I hope from blames etc., But maybe sometimes I will need a spunge to take away 'over-abundance', but colorful it will be, not because of the syntax-coloring, but mainly because i will tell you the things in a burlesque or clownesque way, or in a dialogue between 2 people, kind of Punch and Judy-show, or by creating my own mascottes and bring (in fact the same message for a different field of science or whatever) these to you-tube, with some nice backgrounds and music as well.

And of course at the end of each sequel a cliffhanger that will make you want to be in time for the next episode, maybe a riddle or a proverb, explaining it all, but that will be hidden in the background, and those who can solve it, will be invited into a one-off think-tank, because they will have shown they've got what it take to tackle the new frontier, because it will a new email-address, to prevent DDOS if there only would be one entry and one exit.

May the Force be with us when we will be going where nobody has gone before

As I (mis)understood I could add the categories outside-the-box and 3D-thinking I made a mess of the table used. Would you be so kind as to remove the manure my warrior-horse left=

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