Do you want me to go on giving an analysis of problems

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Hi all, Happy New Year.

f you appreciate it, I will go on commenting JUST logically on problems,
because each and everyone of you will be a far better CODER than I am currently,
because I didn't do ANY EU/OE/phix coding in over 10 years.
BUT I will catch up AFAP (as FAST as possible).

In the meantime however I will show you the LOGICAL pitfall causing the problem and provide you with a SYMBOLIC solution for it avoiding that pitfall.

Quite some time ago Derk pointed out is that we needed a benevolent dictator, I guess him and I understand what we cab achieve in that way. (As will Kat/useless/???)

Well HERE I AM, because I am going to "dictate(==tell) you how to solve YOUR problem, under the condition YOU will help solve ONE of MY problems.
OTOH I will set up another POLL in a very specific way
where you can vote for (OR AGAINST) the next move in perfecting OE/EU.
This vote will be very precise, because you can vote by URGENCY on 9 levels

The same POLL will allow you to differentiate on your assets (as a programmer, (not in any other way UNLESS you are insisting on doing it)
working a certain project with the minimum number of assistants to achieve the fastest and most perfect solution possible.
Resources both material and immaterial will be put at your disposal if STRICTLY NEEDED, but can be offered by anybody wanting to go for (just a part) of the ride.
The outcome of the poll will by a majority principle show the order and participants in the highest ranked fields. I myself will be in the backseat, pointing you the right direction if needed.... NOT OBLIGING but ADVISING YOU to follow a path, either one time the straight and wide, the straight and narrow OR the winding path to success.

WHO will second and third etc this proposition??

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