Re: SWITCH question

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jessedavis said...

Go here:

look in execute.e (among other spots) line #1668

Ekhnat0n said...

There is absolutely NO flaw in switch

The reason you can't find any issue there is because you're looking in the wrong place. execute.e is used only by eu.ex but that is not the module that is crashing. (It's not immediately obvious to me which module is responsible for the crash, but be_execute.c is the analog for the C-based backend - search for L_SWITCH (but note that we have a couple of them, e.g. L_SWITCH_I and L_SWITCH_RT).)

irv said...

Perhaps there's no flaw in the switch statement, but there certainly is in its error reporting.

Being able to correctly report an error if certain conditions exist in one particular order, but crashing with a segfault if the same conditions exist in a different order is inconsistent, and not very helpful to the programmer.

IOW, not what is expected from Euphoria.


Ekhnat0n said...

You could tackle this problem from several sides.

1) exactly stating its erratic behaviour, and go on using it the way it yields non-erratic results in the meantime analizing under which different condition(s) it behaves predictable, number 1 is my personal choice

But irv already did that:

Ekhnat0n said...

It would allow me to acquire a good S2T-engine

Why do you need a speech-to-text/text-to-speech engine in the first place? Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with this thread.

Ekhnat0n said...

If you have to break EULA's for it, it would be at your risk, but ofc I would never ever tell anybody what you did.

On this website that sort of thing is strictly forbidden. The good news is that it's also not necessary - there's a good open source text-to-speech system for download at and for speech-to-text.

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