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Hi tom,

You will be pleased to hear, I hope, that my idea (and Derecks) are kind of your idea of a visionary. The only difference is that this particular visionary would like to have an advisory role in decisions made either on a smaller or on a wider platform (within OE and maybe phix), because this particular visionary has laid out a path already far beyond, but NOT outside, OE & derivatives.

My personal target will be The best proglan ever, using the best OS (combo of best properties of Windows and Mac) INSIDE Linux the best hardware possible.

Major advances in all 3 fields will be possible with few changes at low cost. It is not me, that came up with this idea of creating the fastest progress possible with the least effort. The person that did so alas died over 5 years ago, and it has taken me the major part of those years to find the (obvious) road. One day, just over a year ago, I symbolically stumbled over it and consequently consequently started seeing option after option building themselves the new STRUCTURE that woold profit most from a language based on almost omnipotent structures and their wide variety of methods, while in the meantime keeping in the back-end of the mind KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I indeed will start a page Visions in the wiki asap (within 2 weeks as the next fortnight I am over my head involved in a new youtube-channel, trying to find simple solutions to seemingly impossible issues, like how to turn garbage into an valuable aset with yet unknown properties as to resistance against decay, weathering or natural disasters (just flexible and strong enough to withstand earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

Said channel will come online at a symbolic date (2018/02/03). Polishing the maiden-presentation is taking those 2 weeks.

regards and best wishes for the renainder of your lifespan,


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