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Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki!

This site is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. We do need help writing articles about various aspects of Euphoria programming and projects. The EditMe page contains a list of pages that need attention.

The wiki markup language used in here is Creole and we have some help with how to use creole

* Euphoria Overview * User Contributions
* Download Euphoria * Comparing Euphoria
* Euphoria Development * Coding Convention
* Euphoria 4.1 Roadmap * Mini Guides
* Frequently Asked Questions * Text Editors
* How to promote Euphoria! * Tips
* Euphoria Chrestomathy
(Learn Euphoria by example)
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Command Line Switches and eu.cfg
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Introducing OpenEuphoria
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