Editing Programs

Euphoria programs are plain text files. That means any text editor may be used to write Euphoria programs.

Immediately after installing Euphoria you have some simple choices:

  • Try the ed.ex editor found in .../euphoria/bin. This is a text based demo program that has syntax coloring and will execute the demo programs included with Euphoria.
  • Every operating system will have a default text editor that will edit programs. A windows system will have NotePad and a unix system will have an editor like nano, vi, and a simple GUI editor.
  • The highly-recommended WEE editor is a cross-platform GUI editor written in Euphoria. See link in the table below.

The RapidEuphoria Archive has many editors listed. You will find editors written in Euphoria and syntax files for a variety of popular editors.

There are third-party editors that support Euphoria by providing syntax highlighting and other useful features.

Editors that support Euphoria (alphabetical order) are:

Text Gui Win Linux OSX Indent Ex.err Free Open Source Syntax
ed.ex   win unix osx yes yes free open Euphoria ready
  CodeLIte win unix       c++ eu-editor project
  Context win     ?       pascal 3.x
  Crimson Editor win     partial       c++ rules keywords
  Edita win     yes yes free open Euphoria ready
  EditPlus win     yes   30 day closed editplus
eFTE eFTE win unix         c++ ready
  E-TextEditor win ?   yes yes 30 day closed eu-editor project
  Geany win unix           c RDS archive
  Gedit win unix           c RDS archive
  GtkSourceView   unix ?     free open Euphoria included in EuGTK
  HippoEDIT win       30 day closed eu-editor project
  jEdit win unix     free open java eu-editor project
Joe   * unix         c eu-editor project
  Kate win unix   yes       c++ ready eu-editor-project
  Kwrite * unix   yes       c++ ready (needs update)
MicroEmacs MicroEmacs * unix   yes       c++ eu-editor project
Minimum Profit Minimum Profit win unix         c++ ready
Nano     unix         c eu-editor project
  Notepad++ win           c++ eu_editor project
  PSPad win     yes   free closed eu-editor project
  RedyCode win (wine)   planned yes free open Euphoria ready
  SciTE win unix   partial       c RDS archive
  Scribes unix   yes       python same as gedit
SynWrite win       free closed available
  TextMate     osx yes yes 30 day closed eu-editor project
  TextPad win     ?   evaluate closed ?
Vim Vim win unix   partial       c eu-editor project
  WEE win unix osx yes yes yes open Euphoria ready
  wxEditor win unix         Euphoria ready (incomplete)
  • Indent = Knows the language syntax and will indent structures such as if/end if automatically
  • Ex.err = Reads ex.err file and jumps to error in source file.
  • Syntax = Syntax Coloring
    • ready = Syntax file for Euphoria alread is installed.

Integrated Development Environments

Among the editors you will find Judith's IDE and wxIDE: Integrated Development Environments.

Special Features

ex.err handling

The editor can read ex.err and jump to errors in the source file

  • WEE
  • Edita
  • e-TextEditor
  • TextMate

Highlighting EuDoc markup w/in comments

  • e-TextEditor
  • MicroEmacs
  • TextMate
  • Vim

Euphoria Template Markup Language

(Euphoria inside of HTML)

  • e-TextEditor
  • MicroEmacs
  • TextMate
  • Vim


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