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  • Derek Parnell has some older releases of Win32Lib on his site. (link unresponsive)
    See the Win32Lib project on SourceForge for a more up-to-date version.
  • Judith Evans has a project on SourceForge with the latest version of her IDE for Win32Lib.
  • Ryan Johnson is working on a big project called Redy.
  • Jiri Babor has a site featuring the many Euphoria programs he had written over the past few years.
  • Greg Haberek runs (formerly run by C. K. Lester, see oldsite).
  • David Cuny of California has set up a Euphoria Page with the latest releases of many of his GUI libraries and other programs. Several screen shots are included.
  • Michael Packard, of Lord Generic Productions has a site dedicated to the theory of making action games in Euphoria. Check out his Crash Course in Game Design and Production.
  • Igor Kachan has a Russian site
  • Irv Mullins maintains a cross-platform Euphoria/GTK wrapper for Linux, OSX and Windows at EuphoriaGTK


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