just trying to see how to create, link to, and add content to a wiki page, since I couldn't initially understand how to do so from any instructions here.

so, apparently, to MAKE a new wiki page, you just define a link:
goto the page you want to have a link to your page, hit edit at the bottom of that page, and then on that page wherever you think appropriate, "simply" create a LINK to a "you-name-it-as-you-want" page, by writing the name you want the page to be, probably just one word, enclosed by two square brackets, like so:

then, go back to the page you put that link on, click on the link you created, and you'll be taken to the page you "created"; at that point you can EDIT that page to put content on it.

note: the above example, [[WriteYourDesiredNewPageNameHere]]
will make a link with the "word" defining the page/link as the text to click on;
if you want a longer instance of text describing the page, to click on, do it like this:
[[Write your own descriptive link text here -> WriteYourDesiredPageNameHere]]

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