One way to make Euphoria more widely known is to add Euphoria links, Euphoria information, Euphoria programs. Python and Perl users have been doing this for years. We have a lot of catching up to do. If you have a site to add or see a site Euphoria is already on, please add it. If the content has to be updated add a comment here and or add some new content or request someone provide new content. Let's spread the word...



  • Search Engines. Use search engines to locate euphoria code, using phrases like "euphoria programming language" "euphoria code" "euphoria open source". But abuse with this (automated robot) may penalize the euphoria pages. Google and Yahoo have special search engine for source code with an option lang: that returns only results on the specified language. Euphoria is not included on the language lists on any of those search engines.
  • Discussions forums about compare BASIC and similar languages. Now there are forums about euphoria on WIN and Linux sections.
  • Computer Language Shootout
  • -- Open source project activity tracker
  • Update Scout -- added 3/5/2012. Reviewed and added to list 3/7/12
  • FreshMeat -- Last listed revision is 3.0
  • TIOBE Language Index -- popularity of languages as found on the Web (more links to Euphoria, more current chatter, higher Euphoria goes... right now we are 34th... past 50th, you do not get ranked).
  • no euphoria
  • The english article about Euphoria deserves to be updated. Needed translations to other languages.
  • - ReactOS Software and Hardware Compatibility Database.
  • - Contains entries for euphoria source file associations

Language Conversions

Linux Distributions

  • ArchLinux - jeremy has the ability to make this release once alpha/beta/stables are released of 4.0
  • Debian
  • GenToo
  • Fedora
  • Mandrake
  • Ubuntu
  • DSL - There is an installable package 3.x using old DSL format, needed update.


Web Based



  • ctags
  • a2ps -- ascii to postscript converter (source code highlighter to ps/pdf)
  • enscript -- ascii to postscript converter (source code highlighter to ps/pdf)

News / Forums

  • yahoo group programming_euphoria
  • News Groups: alt.lang.euphoria continues to live. Post code there sometimes. Avoid leaving any e-mail addresses there, as the usenet is full of spammers. Feel free to leave plenty of links to euphoria related pages.

What to Say When Promoting Euphoria

When promoting Euphoria, you can focus on the following features. These will appeal to a large variety of computer programmers.

You can also link to these pages, which will be continually updated with more information as Euphoria evolves.


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