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_tom said...

Is anyone suggesting the `edit the docs via the wiki` should be abandoned?

From my current understanding, yes; but only because, at this time, the docs will be completely replaced when 4.1.1 is released. All changes made to wiki docs right now will be unusable (unless tracked well enough that they can be incorporated into the 4.1.1 docs). So, maybe any changes just need to be tracked.

I'll be using the current workflow to make changes to the documentation. It's not complicated (and that says a lot coming from me); I just might not have the time to do much right now. But I'll contribute what I can.

One of the suggestions on the table is when 4.1.1 is released, and the docs are put online (it will still be generated from the source), that a provision be made to add comments to the doc pages. That way, it can at least be addended on the doc page itself. These can then be incorporated into the source much easier. Plus, with the new release schedule, they would be incorporated sooner rather than later.

After that, I'm not sure where to go. I think one way to do it is for the devs to put markers in the source indicating where documentation needs to be created (and maybe just providing bare-minimum descriptions/signatures/output/etc.). Upon some compilation, a skeletal outline is output. This outline can be used to flesh-out the online docs. Although, I really like having the docs on my PC... so...

I'm not sure that's a good idea, but if people want to separate the docs from the source, that would be a way to do it to allow input from both the programmers and the documentors.

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