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To release Euphoria 4.1.1 we need:

  • updated documentation
  • a statement about the `switch` glitch
  • compiled binaries
  • bundle euGTK with release
  • include alpha libui
  • ...
  • promise that we are releasing 4.1.2 soon
  • show that 4.2 will be great

To update the docs the source-code at Github must be edited.

  • ok, so I lost my github password, and I am stuck with Mercurial thinking
  • to preview changes you must run eudoc and creole (easy for me, dubious for most)
  • updating source-code (even for documentation) is intimidating
  • the process is described here
  • I remain intimidated by the process
  • I suggested there that the wiki will be the documentation path for updates

Documentation help is needed

  • so there is me
  • me also needs help
  • lets say we have 400? viewers of the forum, but we have 10? gihub members--lots of brain power but limited documentation help
  • thus the idea if the wiki was available for editing and comments we get more activity
  • surprise! massive progress

The wiki is working and broken at the same time

  • I still have to copy changes from the wiki to Github
  • At least I have a set of changes to work with
  • sorry, I broke the wiki coverpage effectively murdering the wiki (The forum has no trace that I broke the wiki so I did something clever.)

irv said... 
I have no idea where the illogical idea came from that it is possible to  
have up-to-date docs when they are created before people can test  
and find bugs in the software,  
and are prohibited from updating the docs to correct those mistakes. 

The wiki is supposed to be dynamic; changes can be made very simply; wiki is a good place for documentation activity. Source-code is much harder to edit; source-code is a good place to keep documentation.

The workflow from wiki to source-code is bad, but that is the way it is.

Capt. John Yossarian says docs have to be updated. The current model is static docs that will always be out of date. The online-docs are immutable!

Is anyone suggesting the `edit the docs via the wiki` should be abandoned?


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