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useless said...
jeremy said...
useless said...

Are you aware I was *repeatedly* banned from #euphoria, where Tiggr could have provided such services?

The incident that Kat repeatedly refers to is that she has a finiky internet connection and when a storm comes through, her connection is dropped, then re-established, then dropped, then re-established. In the Irc channel, when people were trying to converse, you see messages such as:

And i was told someone in channel, rather that not showing such join msgs in the channel window, asked that i be banned. In other words, the bot didn't do it. Modern irc clients can ignore the join msg sent from the server, or show in any other window besides the channel window. Mirc has had this feature since 1996. Instead, i was refused entry to the channel. It was the 3rd time this has happened, and shows me the tidiness of that someone's channel display, or their laziness in not clicking a setting to avoid showing the join/parts in the channel window, was worth more than me being in the channel.

I'm not familiar enough with IRC to have an opinion on the merits of doing that (though it certainly sounds like it would have prevented your ban). However, it sure sounds different when some more facts emerge. It sounds a lot less vindictive with those details. And certainly not the case that someone was trying to censor you (which you seem to be implying in this thread).

This came about in response to Tiggr being able to provide searching for this website. Could it be done within the parameters that Jeremy mentioned? Could it be web based, rather than IRC based?

You already have svn access. I'd suppose the proper place to put it in the repository might be here: /tools/euweb/trunk/source/tiggr, depending on how it could be integrated into the rest of the code (note: I'm not at all familiar with it, so please don't over interpret what I'm saying).


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