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>From: alojz.hancic at
>Hi it is me again

>I am realy wondering whay euphoria is not sou well known (I'w gor two
friends that are weary >good and old programers but they haven't heard for
>We shoud make a difrenc and told the world that EU is good and poverful.
>My friends are laughing to me becouse I program in Eu. We realy got do do

Hello Jan:

If your friends haven't heard of Euphoria, it's because they aren't
interested in learning new
things. If they _were_ interested in learning new things, they would have
known about it, and
would have told you why they like it, or do not like it. That is why old
programmers are
replaced by young programmers, who know newer and faster ways to do their

Euphoria is good, but it is not very powerful. But power is not necessary
for many tasks.
Suppose I want a program, which I will run once a week. A program to compute
payroll, for example.

A C program might take 10 seconds to run.
A Euphoria program might take 30 to do the same job.

Writing the C program might require 3 weeks of my time,
but the Euphoria program only 1 week.

To save the 2 extra weeks I spent writing the C program, I would have to run
program 14400 times (saving 20 seconds each time). That would be about 276

I think I will use Euphoria, and use my 2 weeks to go to the beach.

>I will tray that Slovenian computer magazins will wrote something about Eu
>Tell your suasion.

Why don't you learn enough about Euphoria to write the magazine article
I am sure you can learn Euphoria more easily than I could learn Slovenian :)


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