Impressed by Euphoria!

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Hi there.

I'm a newbie to Euphoria programming, and to Windows programming too, as 
I've worked with almost every kind of microprocessor and language but 
totally failed to like Windows programming for all the reasons under the 

I've just bought Euphoria, and been using Judith's IDE, and I have to 
say that they are brilliant. Yes, I know there are bugs in the IDE, but 
I'm quite used to bugs. But it saves all the nauseous processes of 
defining controls and locating them properly, and Euphoria saves all the 
work of assigning memory and so on. It is REALLY GOOD, and I think I 
shall now be able to write some Windows software that does what I want, 
the way I want it to, and not have it crashing just before you save data 

I just wanted to say that. It's taken about four days to pick up the 
language, and the IDE, learn to work with my work code in an include 
file in the Boxer editor in one window, and Windows code in the IDE in 
another, I can copy code from one to the other (Boxer is also BRILLIANT) 
(it's DOS, remember?) and made a  weird database system run with all the 
reading, displaying, changing, verifying and saving, all in four days! 
Wowee! Next thing is the downloading via a modem, might take more than 
four days...

I look forward to upgrades of the IDE, and wish I had enough experience 
to help debug it. There's a funny one with parents of tabbed windows 
which I had to cure by modding in Boxer, not hard, but really it's a 
pretty damn smart bit of code. Well done all those who wrote it and are 
still writing it.

All that from one pretty impressed programmer who's found the RIGHT way 
to program Windows!

Andy Drummond

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