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Chris Lewis writes:
> I recently got a shareware copy of Euphoria (from A.P.C.), and have printed
> out the manual and had a quick glance at it.  My question is, can I read in
> from file 32-bit floating point binary data ??
> I presume that if I can read this in I can then manipulate and display it.
> If this is not yet possible, is there any chance that this type of
> functionality may be introduced ??

There's currently no good way to do this, but there will be soon.
Quite a few people have asked for this. The only thing you can do
currently is to read/write floating-point numbers in human-readable
decimal form via get/print or printf. This is fairly slow and you
might lose some precision.

In 1.5 beta-2, which should be available in a day or two, there
will be fast, perfectly accurate, conversion routines that will
enable you to read/write 32-bit or 64-bit binary floating point data,
i.e. routines to convert to/from sequences of 4 or 8 byte-values that
are in the IEEE format used by Intel machines.

There will also be a few other enhancements. I'll post a message
when beta-2 is ready. It should be the final beta before the
official release of v1.5 later this month.

  Rob Craig
  Rapid Deployment Software

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