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jimcbrown said...

Offering to pay for? Honestly I'd suggest against that,

katsmeow said...

Didn't Irv say it was my decision?

Yes, and indeed it is. Never meant to imply otherwise.

katsmeow said...

I cannot accumulate money as fast as prices are rising, etc..

A problem that most are dealing with right now. Hence the suggestion to try and spend less (maybe you still can't accumulate fast enough to meet rising prices, but I'd gather that even in that case more accumulation is probably still more advantageous).

katsmeow said...

However, in a van, you can get away from neighbors and their drunken cussing, trash fire smoke, dogs, and guns (as long as the van keeps running).

Exactly why I suggested it.

katsmeow said...

That said, if you need to replace the alternator belt or brake pads on your van, there is virtually no place you can legally do that.

My understanding is that other vanlifers try to find free campsites for situations like these (e.g. Black Rock Road campsite in Littlefield, Arizona).

Sometimes you can get luckly and get permission to park a broken down van in the parking lot of an auto shop as well. E.g.

katsmeow said...

The problem with van life is there is no place you can legally exist without approval and permitting rules by someone else.

Yep, even with campsites you need to follow the rules and there are owners or stewards with the power to kick you out. And you can't just drive all day and all night on the highways.

Unless it's on land you also own. But in that case...

katsmeow said...

And the neighbor's dogs can legally stop you even if you own the land you want to do that work on.


Yep. Most vanlifers don't own land, I suspect for this very reason. So if the neighbors cause problems, they can just up and leave without notice.

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