Re: Experimental builds for Euphoria 4.2

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Pirx said...

I've updated the system a couple of times and euc has stopped working completely.

That makes sense. From we know that older binaries built on older systems will cease to run on newer ones. Probably there was some compatibility library that automatically got shim'd in in the past, which finally got removed on the most recent update.

Pirx said...

It's working again after I've managed to build Euphoria 4.2 from source, but nothing has changed in terms of performance.

The speed of compiled binaries was already discussed here and here. Since then,

Yep, it hasn't gotten any worse. So nothing has broke. I think it's been the same for the past 14 years. It's just no one has had time to look into speeding this up and optimizing this.

Pirx said...

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining, not blaming anyone and not expecting anyone to solve this problem for me. Just stating the facts.

Greg has been pretty clear on needing more help. Since you can build Eu now, maybe you can help to get it speeded up and optimized?

Pirx said...

Greg, you already helped me with trying to solve the problem with euc by building Euphoria from source, but it didn't work.

The eu.a was built successfully but not linkable. Need to have seen how it was built to diagnose what went wrong, but at a guess somehow the backend object code (e.g. be_w.o) got linked into a single eu.a twice. Not enough info provided to diagnose the issue (and adding a "thx anyways" at the end sort of discourages followup assistance).

That said, probably was a bug in the older make system on not cleaning up older object files properly. Something Greg likely fixed with the new .mak that this thread is about (and hence why you could build 4.2.0).

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