Regular Expressions: find_replace_limit doesn't make all replacements

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Minimal program below misses a few replacements after the 6th match, then matches a few after.

include dll.e 
include std/error.e 
include std/get.e 
include std/math.e 
include std/console.e 
include std/os.e 
include std/types.e 
include std/io.e 
--include machine.e 
include std/regex.e 
	sequence fname="Y:\\temp\\ASX-screener\\2022-02-24\\9.txt" 
end if 
--object data = read_lines(fname) 
regex r = regex:new("\\s+(\\S+)", BSR_ANYCRLF ) 
tr(not regex(r), {"Error parsing regex;  %s", error_message(r)}) 
integer fin=open(fname, "r") 
object in, formatted 
while 1 do 
	in = gets(fin) 
	if not sequence(in) then exit end if 
	while 1 do 	--Must repeat replace to do missed replacements 
		in=regex:find_replace_limit(r, formatted, "~\\1", 20) 
		if equal(formatted, in) then exit end if 
		  --until replace makes no changes (hack; shouldnt need this loop) 
		exit  --comment out this line to repeat the replacement as a cludge fix 
	end while 
	puts(1, in & '\n') 
end while 

Text in file (\t tab seperated fields);

        0.013AUD        0.00%   0.000AUD        Sell    42      1       4.379MAU      -       -0.00AUD        -       Energy Minerals 

Gives output;

~0.013AUD~0.00%~0.000AUD~Sell~42~1  4.379MAUD~- -0.00AUD~-  Energy~Minerals     

If I repeat the replacement, then the missing matches get done. No problem using super-sed 3.60 and PCRE mode.

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