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What's the easiest way to contribute the TraceOn functionality patches to euphoria 4.1 source? I had a closer look at "external debugger" api, doesn't seem to provide this functionality to queue a "TraceOn=1" trap out to the debugger at the next traceable code, which is great for pin pointing type checks (or async break key interruption). However the API is useful in this case to get the call stack when the non-traceable 'interruption' occurs, and then locate where the type check failed. Would break key 'interruption' in win32's seperate thread have a valid Euphoria call stack context, or is the thread anonymous without a Euphoria call context? In this case, is it even safe to run euphoria code (it seems to work) in the break handler thread, since I thought Euphoria is not multi-threaded, but one assumes that Euphoria callbacks are 'thread safe' even when they occur part way through a Euphoria byte code instruction.

ghaberek said...

Wow. So much going on here. Please don't put huge blocks of code in posts. It's too easy to get lost scrolling up-and-down through code. Use Pastey for one-off code sharing or, better yet, put together a project on GitHub and share it here.

While this is a clever idea, Euphoria 4.1 and later has built-in support for a external debuggers. It's not fully documented yet but it's there and I strongly recommend looking at that instead of injecting assembly code. This is the kind of thing we need to see as a use case for fleshing out the external debugger support and its documentation.

Also I need to work on getting a the new site up and running. Very old posts should be locked automatically. We shouldn't be able to reply to threads imported from the mailing list.


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