Re: work begins on RedyCode 2.0

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ChrisB said...

And looking forward to the trying the next release, but please please please document such a huge undertaking as you go - you'll curse it now, but be thankful for it later!

Documentation will be high priority for the next release.

petelomax said...

What platform(s) are you going to target? Windows? Linux? Mac? Android? iOS? Browser? Server?

I'll stick to Windows during development, since redylib is already very stable and fast with it's custom win32api wrapper. After features are complete and stable, i'll focus on writing a wrapper for Linux. Other platforms would be nice, but i'm not committing to anything beyond Windows and Linux yet.

Icy_Viking said...

I tried playing around with RedyCode 1.0. I tried using it for its widgets/GUI system, but found it very cumbersome to program in. So I think for RedyCode 2.0, a easier to use widget system would be much better. Maybe something more akin to win32lib but with a more OS agnostic system. Just my thoughts.

I agree, the widget system is very cumbersome to use. And even though it has some really interesting features, there's no documentation about them.

I think the problem is a combination of:

  1. limitations of Euphoria itself for dealing with things like event-based, data-oriented, or object-oriented concepts
  2. design decisions i made early on without knowing how complex it would become as more and more features were added
  3. RedyCode itself becoming so difficult to develop that i couldn't add the context-sensitive help and visual widget layout editor like i wanted to.

so, moving forward with 2.0, i'm thinking about how to make improvements in stages, without having to rewrite too much from scratch.

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