RedyCode is an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) written in and for the Euphoria programming language.

The official website is

It is an unusual project because it is based on a widget system written from scratch in pure euphoria code (RedyLib).

RedyCode has a uniquely intuitive Build dialog to help you bind or translate to C and compile Euphoria programs. Even if you don't understand how to use the GCC compiler, it guides you through the process of building an EXE. It lets you preview the manifest, resource, and batch files (with syntax highlighting!) in the build dialog, as well as select a few options and file locations, including an icon file. Once you have previewed all the options, click Build. It will open the project build folder in File Explorer so you can see the files being generated while it runs the batch file in a console window.

A lot of effort has been made to design other unique and sometimes subtle features to improve efficiency of editing source code.


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