Re: Roadmap to Euphoria 4.2

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irv said...

It hasn't been changed, even though parts have been inaccurate "for years".

The online docs are for Euphoria 4.0 and Watcom still works for that version, so the documentation is not wrong. Watcom support was dropped for version 4.1 and later.

irv said...

So, sorry if this seems rude, but why should we spend a lot of time checking and correcting the docs if even this small but important correction hasn't been made in years?

Because nobody's ever done an actual 4.1 release? And part of getting a release out is double-checking the documentation to ensure it's correct. Which is what I'm asking for help with.

irv said...

Suggestion: give me the necessary passwords to edit the on-line docs, and I'll fix that, as well as making other corrections people post here (once discussed and agreed upon).

There is nothing to give. The online documentation is just a published version of the docs supplied with each release. As it stands, the online docs will be updated when a release is published.

irv said...

As far as I can tell, most programming languages have their most up-to-date documentation on-line - not with the download. Which only seems reasonable. People can't find and document bugs until the release has been used.

It seems to me that this would create a chicken-and-egg problem. Which is the source of truth, the docs or the code comments? Generating the docs from the comments seems like the best solution here.


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