Re: Roadmap to Euphoria 4.2

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ghaberek said...
euphoric said...

What do you most need help with that I or others could do?

I need a volunteer to head up a separate project to review, audit, and update the documentation found in docs/*.txt and include/(std/)*.e, as well as the wiki.

I'd recommend whoever does this use a project board to keep things organized. I can create a new project for this if someone volunteers to move forward.

Additional volunteers could then pick up individual tasks on the project to review, update, and sign off on each one until we've gone through everything.


Go ahead and create the docs project board.

Is there going to be a oE4.1.1 release? (Kind of a practice run?)

Installation could give you these options:

  • doc/tutorial only; for mildly curious
  • language only; to get going with minimal effort
  • fully charged: language, WEE, euGTK, compiler?

The docs have these components:

language fully charged gui learning
add-on libraries
others ?

help is needed for any item mentioned

traditional described in same language/examples as in conventional languages

simplified using value:action:flow metaphor

technical bnf notation, comp sci viewpoint

built-in any feature that does not require external files.

std/lib include files that already exist

add-on libraries that require user to have .dll/.so files installed

contributed like wrappers for game libraries; of general interest; but not supported by the language developers

euGTK the most universal gui for oE right now

IUP has dropped 32 bit; messy libraries that change with each Linux kernal

tk works everywhere; oE and Phix

tutorial more examples; more tutorials

Phix show similarities and differences

wiki needs

must allow greater file size for each link than provided right now; 100 lines is not enough capacity

wanted... alternative to CHM documentation format


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