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euphoric said...
_tom said...
euphoric said...

The only reason I'd go with a more complicated spec with a block definition is so structs can eventually have private/public variables and, eventually, methods. smile

You invent OOP smile

Almost, but that's not the intent.

Oh yes it is. smile

Some brief thoughts about object orientation:

  • It is a perfectly valid programming paradigm, sometimes.
  • Other perfectly valid programming paradigms do exist.[1]
  • Problems arise when shoe-horning (parts of) a solution into an inappropriate programming paradigm.[1]
  • The best solution is probably quite often a mixture of different programming paradigms.[2]
  • Fundamental radicalism is almost as bad in programming as it is in politics and religion.[2]
  • Trivial components in no way guarantee that the larger system is automatically bug free.[3]
  • Thousands of trivial components do not make complicated problems any easier to find.[3]
  • Making something harder to debug does not help anyone, ever.
  • Forcing someone to use something they hate or do not understand does not usually help much either.
  • Allowing someone else to do things in their own (peculiar) way is just plain old fashioned common decency.

Footnotes: Repeat firmly and calmly [1]yes they do [2]yes it is [3]no they do not. Resist temptation to shout.

Anyway, enough of that. If we can sneak in a few little extras in a way everyone is comfortable with, we should.

Whether you love or hate oop, I think we can all agree we all want something like this:

Suppose you have say struct rectangle, struct square, struct circle, and struct triangle.
Do you want to be able to pass any of those to a generic routine that accepts a struct shape?
If so, how do we define struct shape, and something else, say struct address, that naturally cannot be(/type checks if) passed into a struct shape parameter?
How do we best express that sort of relationship in a simple, natural and intuitive way?

PS Let's just all agree not to even consider multiple inheritance!

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