Second monitor enumeration

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First - I use Eu3 and Win32Lib.

i am running my program with an extended desktop, and a DLP projector plugged in for the program to use. I do that to use 100% of the DLP output, no taskbar etc. I am trying to find out the parameters of the DLP plugged in - width & height, whether it's on or not, etc. This can be done according to the Windows API with EnumDisplayDevicesA which is part of user32.dll. I can register the function, which seems to be OK. I'm running it with more or less no parameters other than the monitor device index. However, whenever I call the function it returns True which implies there is a monitor connected, as far as I can see. And it does that whatever device index I use. 0 is for the main screen - which always exists - but with 1 or 2 etc it STILL returns True implying that the monitor is there and it isn't. It ought to return False. IMHO.

So can anyone with experience of connecting the Win API into Euphoria assist me? It's not an area I have any real experience with; I'm a programmer who codes to do a job rather than coding to get a coding environment to work in. And 98% of my coding is for microcontrollers in C, so I am out of my depth.

I live in hope ...

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