Re: Call to c_func() short-circuited

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Presumably, you plan to run this on a newer computer, since you are concerned about not having DOS.

New(er) computers, even up thru Windows 10, will run Euphoria 2 or Euphoria 3 or 4 programs in a terminal (cmd.exe). Despite not having DOS.

So, does your program NEED dos? Unless it is a DOS game or uses graphics, the answer is no. It should run on modern computers in a terminal just fine.

All the std/* libraries were introduced in Eu 4.0, and will be installed when you install Eu.4. The std libraries work only with Eu 4.

The "Standard Library" functions have been incorporated into Eu.4, plus many others.

My advice is - providing you are not still using a 20-year-old computer - to install Euphoria 4.1.0 from the downloads tab here, run a few demo programs to make sure it is working correctly, then try your legacy program. If there are problems, ask here.

One important point to consider: Euphoria has always had functions to read files. Why would you have needed those calls to C routines? That is something even advanced programmers avoid if possible. Odds are that all of those C calls can be eliminated, but we can't know that unless you provide specific information:

Give us the name of the .dll you are linking to - i.e. what's in the open_dll() line. And, if possible, the names of the functions in that .dll that you are calling. The names would be found by searching for lines that have define_c_func or define_c_proc in them.

Given those, I'll bet we can figure this out and get the old program working. Might also be helpful to know what the program is supposed to do!

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