Re: Call to c_func() short-circuited

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Many thanks to all who responded. The c_functions worked fine years ago. I don't know why I wasn't aware that there was a simpler approach. In resurrecting the program, I elected to attempt to avoid learning the intricacies of programming for Windows. It now appears that was a mistake. When I used vDos, I had great difficulty locating all of the necessary files where both ed and ex could find them. ed behaves very strangely, advancing many lines when I press ENTER.

Since it has been asked, the purpose of the program is to enable the creation of a binary tree of specifiable depth. I originally used 20 levels, but conclude that 16 will suit my purpose. Even at 16, the bottom level has a potential width of 32,768 entries. Up, Down, Left, and Right keys facilitate moving through the tree. The screen displayed 6 levels of a sub-tree, in tree fashion, below any selected entry. It uses "peek" into the file buffer to get the requested tree entrees. (That involves some fancy calculations.) The program also enables maintenance functions such as moving a subtree from one location to another in the tree. The code is about 21 pages long. I don't think you want to see it.

I have given up on trying to run DOS on my Windows 10, 64 bit machine. I intend now to convert to EU4. Are there documents or hints regarding making the conversion? If not, I will simply correct errors as I come to them.

Thanks again for you time and consideration.


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