Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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ChrisB said...

I don't think the language is dying, I just think that it is being shouted about loudly enough - as I said on EuphoriaAL we need a marketing guru, or strategy.

Euphoria cannot die, it's too useful to die. I write in 10 Euphoria lines, with my left hand holding a cup of coffee, and only elementary education - what C+ + can do, only after graduating university, with 100 ugly lines.

Who needs C+ +, except for making money??? With storage of multi-giga-bytes, and CPU's of 3Ghz - who needs C+ +??? only system developers. Most of us could forget about C or C+ +.

Writing a spreadsheet using Euphoria, for example, will be much easier to code and *maintain*. Speed...? who cares these days. Then why wasting time with ugly code? you tell me. I prefer to finish programming quicker and go practice Taekwondo. Only Euphoria allows me to live like this - C or Java takes all my time, and yea, we don't live forever.


The biggest mistake, in my opinion, of Euphoria developers, is to target the language to experienced programmers. i.e.: being not realistic.

A programming language is like a baby. Baby don't born at the age of 21 years old.

By ignoring young and not experience programmers - Euphoria actually blocked its future. Why can't you all understand it?

For example, how would you all feel if I'll take you to a Tea Kwon Do lesson and expect from you to practice jump hook kick on the first day? - you would all break your backs and be rushed to hospital.

What you're doing is deliberately ignoring young and unexperienced programmers.

Answers as: look at the editors list, tools list, and take a patch from here and combine it with a patch from there - is an immature and pathetic strategy.

The target users for an easy-to-use-all-purpose-language must be EVERYONE to succeed. User should play with the language and enjoy it. If one of 100 users will become a serious programmer it's enough. Users should create their own "fun clubs" for the language. Unexperienced users should get excited from the language after writing "hello world!". The language should reach the people.

Euphoria is too arrogant. and that's what blocking its popularity.

Please wake up: Euphoria should be friendly for 15 years old teens to become popular. MS$ invested a fortune to make their products friendly - just to make them popular.

Now that Euphoria 3 is mature, and Euphoria 4 is great - it's about time to invest effort on making it friendly. Those who criticized the importance of Euphoria IDE are blind and misleading. MS$ invested from QBASIC to "Visual Studio" billions because you cannot gain popularity by targeting your products to old users. Only the young users can make it. MS$ knows it.

Why Euphoria is so arrogant??? Is Euphoria has some kind of feelings of inferiority? Euphoria isn't C+ + - that's the great thing! Euphoria isn't Basic - that's also the great thing! Why targeting Euphoria to professionals by introducing the language with vocabulary that new users never heard about?

It's fine to add struct to Euphoria - lots of experienced programmers might be benefit from it. But don't fool yourselves that it will gain any popularity to this language, because popularity is gained by young and fresh people - not by middle age professionals.

I talk too much but this is really annoying. Non of the developers seem to understand the evolution of popularity - it always starts from young and unexperienced people - which Euphoria ignores deliberately.

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