Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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Watched the Euphoria is dying thread, and as usual watched a lot of negativity mixed in with a lot of positive, but suppressed, positive points. One of the most interesting replies was

spikeysnack said...

Actually I just picked up on Euphoria a few weeks ago and after small learning curve ( I already know the C language and Computer Science ) I was surprised at the ease of writing code with minimal errors as long as you get the syntax correct.

I don't think the language is dying, I just think that it is being shouted about loudly enough - as I said on EuphoriaAL we need a marketing guru, or strategy.

So what's Euphoria great at (not what are its shortcomings, or what feature doen't it have, or what languages are better)

Firstly how about a bullet list of great points

  • Its dead easy to pick up and learn - the newby to the experienced programmer will be writing code in no time.
  • It's easy to install
  • it's multiplatform
  • it's great for the casual programmer
  • It's great for writing 2d games (I know we don't have a lot of 2D game programmers, but that would only be a short hop (pun intended))
  • Super fast development cycle
  • Friendly forum

Now look at the home page - the page where most people who land looking around for a different / alternative / quick programming language (that's what I did). What does that shout at you? That there's been an outage! Who'd want to come back. The home page should be a landing page that grabs someone by the short and curlies, shakes them and says 'Look how easy I am!' (or other such stuff)

Next - I've donated to OpenEu - not a lot admittedly, but where's the list of contributors - the hall of fame. And what 'extras' do contributors get? Where's the T-shirt?

How about Pastey - a great online repository / programming library - how easy it is to find deposited code, how easy to use and so on.

How about the structure of the development team - wheres that displayed, what are the 'job' openings and so on.

How about some real world examples? How about some screenshots?

Lots of tweaks are needed, and none related to actually programming. I really believe that Eu is a better language than Java and Python and Ruby and so on, for a certain type of programmer, of which I suspect there potentially a larger number than the other languages. Yes its got its downsides and detractors, but so do the other languages.

Hope there's some food for thought here!


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