Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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In my time not Euphoria is dying but my free time is and my lifetimehorizon too (and so is yours !). Since 1995 its my toolbox and dont want any other anymore. Never got any rust on it. Good quality stuff. Happy. Like to program the old way: like a carpenter always doing the simplest things and every time better. Keep things simple saves your soul ! (Started with the TRS80 in 1980: Z80 & Basic & machinelanguage on tape !) Worked for years on QuoteProgram, BibleProgram, ReligiousCDMusicWithLyricsProgram, 'Simple'ColoredTextPageProgram, tryed to combine psychology with astrology but because of the damned cosmologic math had to turn it into the QuoteProgram with lovely search-engine that listens to listed names and listed indexed words. Uses 1001+ 'stolen' quotes for personal use only. The BibleProgram still doesnt work well, will it ever ? The 'Simple'ColoredTextPageProgram was working kind of html-like (in 2007) and should become part of the QuoteProgram, ever ... some bolts are not twisted right. QuoteProgram and BibleProgram should merge. Working also on a computerconnection by way of 2 Velleman interfaces to avoid ebolaworms biting my ever happy & lonely desktop. It would also be able to address a keyboardchip connected to the internetcomputer for safe passwords and stuff. It may sound strange : Bible and psychology together with programming. Well, I admire Leonardo da Vinci and Emanuel Swedenborg because they are not only very techy too but they are as well very spiritual and feeling for art and most of all: God and His creation. You should find out. Its really worth studiyng. Most BiblePrograms work with a terrible indexsys and I want to feel totally free, so ... Quotes and BibleVerses on a selfmade search-and-read Euphoria-machine together with a CD turning heavenly music ... it brings you closer to heaven. In all those years had lot of help from Euphoria-archive. That does not turn the Euphorians into angels but it does it to me ! So I dont have to thank you ... devils

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