Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy -- Where is the focus?

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Spock said...
jimcbrown said...
Spock said...

Ok. I am going to make a retraction on the hash table in map.e - the performance is (finally) now not too bad. My original test (see below) was based on the Oct 2012 release. The latest one has corrected the poor algorithm used. However, the interface and unnecessary bloat are still disgusting. The original criticsm was valid, just 2 years too late.

Actually, you're not the first to point this out.

There's a ticket that covers part of this, - and I think Derek was working on a complete rewrite. See and

A complete rewrite is a major task, hence the long period of time... if you already have a superior library, I defnitely think it makes sense for the devs to take a look at it to see if we can get an improved map or HT library into the stdlib that much faster.

Sorry Jim, the 2 libs are too different (a bit like comparing Superman's Fortress of Solitude to the city in Bladerunner..) to fit, one to the other. I thought mine had superior performance but as I discovered yesterday they're on a par (now) [that state is not going to last for very long, though]. I'm also planning a major paradigm change to my compiler which suits the minimalistic interface I have [ more or less: init(), find(), add(), get() ].

I don't think the Eu Devs need my help on this one.


If it's not a replacement for the std/map.e library, would it still make sense to include your HT library in the stdlib as a new, standard HT library? Not as a replacement or an alternative, but just as a brand new feature. You clearly get a lot of use out of it, and it's quite likely imvho that many others would as well.

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