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This wiki is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. The following main topics are available:

If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. The wiki markup language used in here is Creole and we have some help with how to use creole.

Special! IUP

Our choice is IUP.

At this time "Iup for Euphoria" is very much a work in progress.

You can examine how IUP will work by visiting and downloading:

The Euphoria Editor
a code editor and IUP interface package
this is the mercurial repository

Thanks to Andreas, an updated package for Windows users:

<quote> Hallo

I have created an Iup testsetup Eu4.1 32bit+Iup+Editor.

Based on ghaberek Editor-0.1b-Win32.zip download.

It's all his and _tom's work i just hacked it to make it work the way i like it.


Andreas </quote>

IUP Documentation

A work in progress...

Element Properties

Predefined Dialogs

How we got here...

We are going to pick a GUI for the openEuphoria project. All opinions are welcome. Anyone may edit the wiki to leave comments on the best choice.

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