Euphoria Toolkits

Alphabetical Order

Toolkit OS Pro Con Comments
EuGTK multi * euphoric flavor
* native Linux with minimal installation
* only for 64-bit platforms on Windows * tested with Mint 19, Windows 10
EuIUP multi * euphoric flavour * no longer maintained
IUP for Euphoria multi * native look
* has editor
* recently created
* more 'C' based flavour
* wrapper not complete
Redy Windows * completely euphoric
* all Euphoria code
* custom interface
* no Linux "yet"
* under development
tinEWG Windows * simplistic
* easy to use
* has IDE
* lacks fancy widgets
* 32bit only
Win32LibEx Windows * native
* established
* Judith's IDE
* fixed positioning
wxEuphoria multi * native look
* full featured
* editor
* distinct flavour
* has not been updated recently

Flavour pertains to how Euphoric the interface is. A "Euphoric" flavour feels more compatible with the way Euphoria code is written. An un-Euphoric flavor feels more compatible with the original design of the toolkit -- it may be distinct, more 'C' than Euphoria, more OS specific than Euphoria, or more object-oriented than Euphoria users are comfortable with. Some will find an un-Euphoric flavor an advantage -- the toolkit itself and third party documentation may be easier to understand, or there may be considerable effort to "transform" the toolkit away from its original design.



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