Starting Euphoria Gui Programming

Euphoria GUI Programming

Everyone has their favorite GUI programming library.

The big choices are:

Windows Linux,OS-X,Windows
win32libex EuGTK

There are also a few smaller libraries:

Windows Multi-Platform
Arwen Japi
Redy Tk


Full featured Windows GUI and IDE.

Windows GUI Download

Windows IDE Download


Full featured multi-platform GUI programming. Must install wxWidgets. Not currently being developed.

Multi-Platform GUI Download

Multi-Platform IDE Download

However, an updated wxWidgets library is under development.


A full featured, complete and up-to-date GUI package for programming, which runs on Linux, OS-X, and Windows. Option to use Glade for drag and drop design.

Download the EuGTK package here: EuGTK Home Page

--# Yet Another Hello World! program 
include GtkEngine.e 
constant --[1] create the widgets; 
    win = create(GtkWindow,"border=10;$destroy=Quit"), 
    pan = create(GtkBox,"orientation=vertical"),  
    box = create(GtkButtonBox), 
    btn = create(GtkButton,"gtk-quit", "Quit"), 
    lbl = create(GtkLabel,"color=blue") 
    --[2] style the label; 
    set(lbl,"markup", -- style the text using basic html; 
    "<b><u><span color='red'><big>Hello World!</big></span></u></b>\n\n" & 
    "This demos a simple window with\na label and a quit button.\n") 
    --[3] add widgets to containers; 
show_all(win) --[4] instantiate widgets; 
main()        --[5] enter main processing loop; 


Original, closed source, has an IDE and provides a small and simple GUI for Windows users.

Windows Download


Improved, opensource, and inspired by euWinGui. Provides a small and simple GUI for Windows users.


Small and fast Windows GUI programming. No IDE

Windows Download


Redy is an open-source graphical application development environment with a GUI and widget system written in 100% Euphoria. It includes an IDE called RedyCode.

Currently being developed.


Simple multi-platform GUI. Requires IUP installation. No IDE required.

Requires an iup binary specific to each operating system. On Windows this binary is easy to install. On Linux this binary can be difficult to install.

iup4eu - under development.

Multi-Platform Home Page Jeremy C's legacy IUP library for RDS Euphoria.


Small and easy, but uses old Java interface. No IDE required. Requires a Java installation. Eccentric, dated visuals.

Linux Download

Windows Download


Needs TCL/TK installation. Runs TK GUI using its TCL syntax so the syntax is un-Euphoric. No IDE required.

Multi-Platform Home Page


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